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Customer crashes into own house!


LawnSite Member
MA- South Shore

I just got back from a clients house... checking on a retaining wall that we just built. There's been a TON of rain and I wanted to make sure there was no major runoff.

Anyway... wall was fine, but... just as I was coming around the corner of the house, I hear the garage door open. I round the corner and see him pull up in front of the garage, and roll down the window. This guy is pretty cool, young (30's) always friendly, offers a beer at the end of a hard day... like one of the guys.

"Hey, how's it lookin?", he says... "great, no problems". At this point it's raining like crazy, so I say "why don't ya pull inside so I can talk to you". (I needed to tell him that it was going to cost a few hundred more than expected). He says yeah, rolls up the window and.... CRASH!

Slams into the side of his house pulling into the garage! I was totally speechless.

Brand new Pathfinder... head light in pieces... hood pushed up... front panel crushed. But then he puts it in reverse and the WHOLE FRONT BUMPER RIPS OFF!!

OMG... all I could say was I'll be in touch later in the wkend... I was so embarrassed for him.



LawnSite Silver Member
Thats a bummer. Same thing happened to my friends dad. We were coming home from skiing and he had to pi$$ pretty bad. He turned too late going into the garage and was going a little too quick, ripped off a chunk of siding and the left bumper.

Didnt have to pi$$ anymore.