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Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Jim8Nascar, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. Jim8Nascar

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    Hey guys,
    I started (Late-April) my own Lawn care co. I wanted to go all organic and am new at this. I am using the Organica Program. Anyone familiar with it? I am in Rhode Island and the company is out of Penn.
    The question I have is this....
    I have a couple of customers that do not water!! I am going to try to get them to let me put in an automatic watering system(hose-timmer).
    I am wondering what others use to keep lawns green in full sun when the customer just doesn't water? I went by this morning for a bi-weekly mow and my mouth dropped open at how brown the lawn was!!! I was embarssed to say the least.
    I understand the the economy is bad, but can anyone give me some tips on how I can convince my customer to go with a timmer? Is there a product or solution I can use to turn thier lawn green again before the end of summer?
    Any help from the pros that you are will be greatly appriciated!!
    Heck.......I'll even by the first round of drinks!
    Thanks in advance!!
  2. JDUtah

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    I'm trying to persuade my partner to let us only service customers who want complete care, that way we control everyhting.. including watering.. if they don't have a system, we would have them get one.. BUT this might be quit a while out before/if we get there.

    I HATE a lawn that we service looking like crap because of customer neglect... drives me nutts! That's my company name out there.

    No help sorry. Good luck!
  3. treegal1

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    there are several different water timers for hoses, try RITENHOUSE, they are sponsors here and near you
  4. Kiril

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    Don't encourage people to install sprinklers, discourage them, and that is coming from an irrigator.
  5. Prometheus

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    They should have a hose near by to put out the fire from burning the lawn............:blob2::blob2:

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    that is a bummer
  7. Jim8Nascar

    Jim8Nascar LawnSite Member
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    Hold on.....did I read that correctly??? You install irragation systems but you would encourage people not to install them?? How do you make any money????
  8. Jim8Nascar

    Jim8Nascar LawnSite Member
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    Now That's FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!:hammerhead:
  9. jeffinsgf

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    Jim, there's a movement afoot (well represented on this forum) to minimize or do away completely with turf in the home landscape. It seems sort of silly among a bunch of people who make their living off home and commercial landscaping, but the "lawn" has become an obsession in the last 60 years or so that now consumes more water in this country than agricultural irrigation.

    That said, most of us like a nice patch of grass to wiggle our toes in -- some of us feel that it should be kept to a minimum, however.

    Getting back to your original question, it's unlikely that a customer who won't water if he has to turn on a faucet will water if he has a timer. The timer is just part of the equation. Unless you have a manifold and lots of hose spread all over, he's going to have to drag hoses, and that's the part most people object to.

    If your customer is willing to pay for the water, but not actually do any work, then he is a candidate for an inground irrigation system. I can promise you (because I did it), if you set up a series of hoses and timers that will cover a yard, you'll spend almost as much as you would on an irrigation system, and you'll still have all the crap laying all over the yard. And, as his mowing contractor, you don't want that. :hammerhead:
  10. Jim8Nascar

    Jim8Nascar LawnSite Member
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    The customer that I am talking about has exactly that......a patch of grass.
    I have a couple of small yards in suburbia but they are well exposed to traffic. All I plan on doing is going to Wally World or Home Cheapo and picking up a cheap timmer ($15.00) and using a 2 way splitter on their faucett from the house. Running a couple of hoses from that and WALLA!! A nice cheap fix to my quality work and everyone is haapy! Shouldn't cost more than $45.00!!
    I just need to pitch it to the customer as (set it and forget it).
    I figure if they set it for every other day for 20-25 mins early before the sun is hot....I might have a chance!
    Thanks for the input thought!! Your a hoot!:hammerhead:

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