Customer dropped me for another newbie

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DFW Area Landscaper, May 7, 2004.

  1. DFW Area Landscaper

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    This guy called me last spring and signed up for my service. He never paid on time, but always paid eventually. Finally, last winter, he never paid for the service he recieved in the fall.

    I send the guy a certified letter threatening small claims court and about a month later I get a call. He gives me his credit card number. He says that he's going to have the wife do the lawn mowing this season, but he still wants me to do the fert/weed control apps.

    Well, I've been noticing that his lawn is getting mowed on a very regular basis mid-week this spring. A little too regular for a home owner.

    Yesterday, we're doing our Thursday route, and every Thursday is when I drive by his home. Sure enough, two white guys with real pale skin pushing 21" mowers. They're lugging their equipment around in the back of a pickup.

    I know I did outstanding work for this customer last season. His neighbor had asked me for a quote around mid-summer last year and she had mentioned that my customer had been bragging about me.

    Ok. Number one, the guy didn't pay on time. Number two, the guy skipped cuts in late fall. Number three, it's obvious he's interested only in price and has no loyalty.

    Number four, I'm gonna dump so much ammoniacal nitrogen on that lawn with the next app those two pale skinned idiots will be ready to get out of this business by the fourth of July.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  2. Craftybigdog

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    Thats funny!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Birddog Lawncare

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    Sounds like that's a good way to lost the account next door. If he's such a bad customer then why are you so upset. Move on, It probably woun't be the last time you lose an account.
  4. lrose2

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    In this business customers come and customers go. Sometimes at a very rapid pace. Now, it doesn't matter if you are the best, most dependable in town. They come up with some of the most unworldly reasons to quite service and most of their reasons are lies. Doesn't do any good to get upset or angry, this is just the nature of the beast. Heck, I lost a $120 week account this week because the homeowner decided that he wanted to do it himself. Picked up 3 other accounts at $40 each, just broke even for the week. This year I have seen the number of accounts go down while weekly and monthly revenue has risen. GO FIGURE!
  5. Gravely_Man

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    DFW Area Landscaper, Please do not do anything improper to the customer's lawn. This is not the kind of customer you want just move on and learn from it.

  6. snippy

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    I think DFW would be joking about the lawn treatment but I do see a lot of people on here talking about vandalising their ex customers properties but I'm sure it's all in jest ( I hope ) .
  7. Tharrell

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    Uh....yeeeaahhh. Just kidding.......that's right, ummmmm yeah.
  8. bobbygedd

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    30-0-0, right before a heavy rain storm, at like 6 lbs per k
  9. ProStreetCamaro

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    LOL that would be hilarious!!!
  10. Firstclasslawn

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    Yeah that would be very bad to vandalise lawns, we should all hold ourselves to a higher standard then that, I lost a very high profile account today as a matter of fact but hey life goes sucks but life does go on

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