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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mikal, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. mikal

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    :angry: first cut of the season for this one account and i have to dump her allready. Last year i raised her price from 30 to 35 on a 2 hr cut ( old high school teacher I had). Afer I cut she gave me a check and while going to my truck i saw it was for 30. Went back to her house and said that the bill was 35 and that I raised it last season to that. She replyed ''you did'', then she said ''well you used the bagger in the front last year and didnt this time'' (sometimes i did when it was high but not alot) and that ''it looks a mess'' ( mind you she has been in her basement sowing and didnt even see the finished product. I said just forget it and left. I cant wait for her to call and for me so I can say "Well I cant seem to please you and i have too many customers so find some one else". What is it with some people, I hate it when people talk down to you for being a working person. Anyway I just needed to vent a little.
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    There's alway some jackass like that you'll come across, just pick up and move on, some people just aren't worth it.

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    She should have been charged in the neighborhod of $60 up. Your better off without her, give yourself a raise also.

    Not a brilliant start to a season huh? Hope the rest of the schedule turns out better for you.
  4. mikal

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    Thanks for the grammer check, I have never been real good at spelling. Later that same evening another new customer called and I started her lawn today. Now that I have replaced that ##### from the money stand point, I am so relieved to not go back to her nonsence. I would have dumped her from prior bull but I needed her money.
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    It seems that it is always the customers who are undercharged that complain the most. I doubt if she knows that she was getting a great deal at $35. In fact she probably thought she was getting screwed.

    I had an old man fire me last year. He gave me a sob story about a fixed income (like we all don't have a fairly fixed income) when he initially hired me so I gave him a break on the price (stupid me). He ended up being the pickiest, hard to please customer and always sent in his payments at the very end of the month. He ended up getting rid of me because I wouldn't give him a specific time of the day that I would be there each week. I told him that I would be there every Wednesday sometime between when the sun came up and when it went down but I couldn't give a specific time. So he fired me. I should have been grateful because I wasn't making any money but I was mad because I had tried to give him good service for a low price and all he did was complain. I thought- how can you fire me? Don't you realize how good of a deal you are getting?

    Anyhow, I do his next door neighbor's house and I love to pull up and see how crapy his lawn now looks. I don't know who he has doing it but it looks like it may be a young neighbor boy with a 12 year old Craftsman mower with a blade that hasn't been sharpened since it was bought. I sure hope that kid shows up at a specific time.:p
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    Some people are impossible to please. It is a shame that when you attempt to be a good person, it is usually to help a bad one... Asking someone to show up at a specific time to mow the lawn...maybe he didn't want his nap time interrupted...Sometimes you have to treat difficult clients like people waiting in line at a deli.....


    Sean Adams

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