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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Tn Lawn Man, Mar 24, 2005.

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    Sorry Gotta Vent

    I have a guy that called some time back (early Feb) for a quote on making his lawn look better.

    He had a fairly decent lawn that could have really benefited from a full aeration and overseeding application. I explained this to him and told him the price. He did like the price and asked if there were alternative treatments that could help. So I recommended applying a pre-em and fertilizing the turf and explained the season program. I said his lawn is alright enough that he could really benefit from it but it would not produce the results of the aeration/seeding. I was very careful to explain that to him. He responded back that he knew and that you get what you pay for. Cool

    I applied the pre-em and fertlizer and got really good results from it. I then called to let him know that the next application is due in a few weeks and was shocked to hear that he was very unsatified with the results. He said that his lawn had not filled in very well. I said that it is only the 3rd week in March and to give it time. I also pointed out how green it was and that the weeds were well under control. I was going to try to remind him that I recommended the aeration/seeding but I was cut short and he had to go.

    Oh, this burns me up. You give good professional recommendations to people and when they don't take them they still want to blame you.

    Thanks for the rant
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    I had a colleague from a charity I work with do me the same way. Roaches like that can pizz you off but it does no good. I just know if I don't get a couple of dumbarses like that every spring, I'm just not marketing
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    and this is why i get prepaid for THE ENTIRE PROGRAM. then, they HAVE to let you do your job, or they can cancel, WITH NO REFUND. it is amazing that people look at the same thing you are looking at, but don't see the same thing. don't get worked up about, if he's gone he's gone, just make sure u get paid

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