Customer Expectations

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Envision, Sep 11, 2003.

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    Customer Expectations

    Yesterday was the first time I have been bit this year by a customer. This person has a dreaded trampoline stuffed in the back corner of his lot up against his fence. I haven't been cutting in the corner or underneath it due to the fact that my equipment won't allow. Well, I showed up yesterday and the trampoline is pulled out in the middle of the yard and he is standing there saying, "I thought you have been cutting that all summer?" I proceed to tell him that I don't have a way of getting back there and he informs me I need to have either him or his daughters help move it each time. I was rather appalled at this being an issue and just shook it off and went back to my business. I guess it was my fault for not going over his expectations for such obstacles, but I cannot spend the time every cut to move the trampoline unless I tack on a charge each

    With that in mind, I want to compile a list of items that may propose problems in customer expectations so I can outline in a contract for next season.

    1. Movement of Trampoline
    2. Wear of Wooden fencing due to string trimmer
    3. Pickup of toys and/or hoses
    4. Growth between fences that have 2-5 inch gap where you cannot get trimmer head inbetween.
    4. More to come.....

    Also, how does everyone handle growth behind AC units since it is often impossible to get equipment behind it to trim?

  2. GLAN

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    Also, how does everyone handle growth behind AC units since it is often impossible to get equipment behind it to trim?

    Pull it or spray it.
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    I too have a problem with a trampoline. I finally just stop mowing it because it was a pain in my bottom. It was never there when I bid on the yard and after about 2 months it appeared. What fun.
  4. Tim Canavan

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    Don't forget exposed wires or sprinkler heads and please pick up after your dog.
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    We dicussed this trampoline issue about a year or so ago here, and it was interesting that many lco's don't even TOUCH the trampolines because of liability issues. Scenario: You pull the trampoline. Two days later, Junior or Sis comes out and jumps on it with their friends. A leg comes off (these things ALWAYS come apart), and the trampoline goes on a slight tilt. Junior or Sis take a tumble, fracturing a collarbone or spraning an ankle or wrist. Who's responsible for the bill? Believe it or not, a good attorney could tell YOU since you were the last one to move it, or "re-assemble" it, that you are. I have ONE of these that I have to move now for a fert. account, and I dread it everytime.
    As far as the issue of wear on the fence, that really shouldn't BE an issue. If you are digging into the wood fence, then you are doing something wrong. We GET jobs for work like that. That and fence and mailbox posts are a biggy. One tip for mailbox posts is wrap the bottom in thin soft metal. That's a save-all.
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    See my friends this is why I love my commerical stuff. I'll tell there were times when I would mow houses and every week there would be dog/kids toys out in the yard, garden hoses, ect.
    So we sent out a letter telling people the day they were schduled to be mower and that all toys and such MUST be picked up or we were'nt responsable for what happened to them. Alot of the people were good about it, some were'nt so.......we mowed over them. Im not saying this is the most professional thing to do, but belive me it gets results fast..:D
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    I too will not do another house with a trampoline, believe it or not I have two at the moment. One lady doesn't care about the underneath, but the other guy does.

    As for the fence wear issue, it is more of an issue where I am taking over yards that over time have gained wear from string trimmers and it is only a matter of time before fingers start pointing towards the current LCO.

    Oh, the exposed wire thing is a great one, I always love the excellent cable tv job that gets done where the wire is sticking out a foot from the house and it is a pain to cut around.

    As for the commercial accounts, they are pretty painless with the exception of the amount of trash that ends up on the property. No kids toys, dog doo, etc.....

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