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    I'm attempting to be a little more organized this year. Id like to put together Client Files that I can keep in my office that will have things such as name, address, price, duties to be performed, and their contracts in each file.

    Anyone else do this? As I grow larger, it becomes more difficult to remember addresses and prices. I can get to anyone of my properties at any time, but I can't get my crew there every time I need them to go there.

    What info are you putting into files?
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    Just a couple of quick thoughts here. Sounds like you are sort of looking for a hard reference as well as something that you can pull up a list and print off for your crew for a scheduling template. Microsoft can supply templates which, with a little practice, can cross reference, schedule, etc. I would imagine other programs are out there that are designed specifically to do this as well.

    There is Quickbooks as well that is highly regarded and some add-on that work with it, and will even integrate with mapping programs, but they with a price as well. Guess you can keep it as simple or as complicated as you want, but something to keep in mind, take a big bite now so in a few years when you grow your business the software and filing can be expanded with what you have rather than replaced.
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    I'm only mowing, but all their info is on an XL spreadsheet. If I tried to put them all into folders I'd have papers everywhere and look like an episode from "Hoarders".

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