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    While I was cutting last week where I stop to do 3 houses, I had a lady (turns out to be a friend of an existing client on the same street) come up and ask me for quote. So I give her my price, and shes fine with it. She then proceeds to tell me all the work she wants done on top of weekly maintenance, aerating, fertilizing, topdressing etc. So, her house is 4 houses down the street from the other 3 i do and I always see the company she has now cutting while im cutting. I asked her why she wants to have me maintain her property and not the other company. She said she wants somebody local, then tells me she was with that company for 14yrs! WTF? and she wants me? Now, i've been mowing along side this other company for a few years now, and see them almost every week. Is this ok to take on this new customer since she came up to me? I dont want to step on anyones toes! The other thing is, they do have another customer on the same street and I will still have to see them. I think they'll probably be a little pi$$ed once they see me cutting an ex-client of theirs. Have any of you experienced something like this? What are your thoughts?
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    She approached you- no issue here at all.
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    I am in the same boat did a job for a ladies mom. Got it done and she asked me to bid her house for next season and accepted the bid I Lu to find out she is currently a client of a guy in the trade that I know well. He is big time and has over 100 clients. This is my third year and I have about twenty. Would it be bad to take it? She also mentioned she was not happy with him at all. Thoughts?
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    You did nothing wrong. She approached you. This happens to every LCO. Will happen to you. Everyone just moves on.

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    I didnt think I was doing something wrong. Thanks guys!
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    Your an honest guy. Congrats. No problem taking on the customer. Sometimes I am approached about trimming bushes at a competetors yard and my first question is, why isn't your existing contractor handling it. I do not want any bad vibes with my competition. If they do not perform the service I will give the customer a quote.
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    You may yet run into a hot head competitor wondering why you doing his old account. Just explain to this person to talk to the customer and excuse yourself from the matter. Since as all ready been stated she approached you, your fine. Keep moving forward!
    easy-lift guy
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    My first year I asked some people if they were interested in me mowing there yard. They said they had somebody but wanted a quote. I have them one and told them to call if it didn't work with other guy. Got the account later in season cause of things he didn't mow. Wen ever I get an account I do wat has been being done plus a little extra if possible.
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    Should I mention something to the other company?
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    I try to be respectful of other legit lcos. Business is business though and if it is was a service issue I would take the account. On the hand you will be mowing next to these guys for years to come.

    I had a similar situation last year where I turned away a good customer. I have 8 yards on this one particular street. A lady in between 2 of the houses I do wanted me to mow her yard. I know the guy who mows her yard currently. She said it made sense for me to mow since I was already mowing all of her neighbors. She said there were no service issues at all. I declined the yard, and she understood. I have had these 8 yards for years and this guy has been mowing this yard for awhile also. He has never once has approached any of my 8 customers on that street. The guy even has offered me some business in the past on some smaller yards he did not want. I did not take him up on the offer but it was still a nice gesture. As I get older I realize it is easier to get along with people than not. Although I am a solo operator with limited slots to fill also. If I was trying to now the world I would of taken it. Every situation is unique.
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