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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, May 15, 2007.

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    Just wondering out loud while my insomnia keeps me up.......

    For those of you that work on multiple residential systems, about what percentage of the customers that you deal with are female? I probably deal with 70% women. I have some homes I've worked on for 6-8 years or so and have never seen the husband/boyfriend. For the most part, I prefer it that way. the men seem to always get in my way. The women just tell me to do what I need to and then leave me alone.

    The men generally complain more as well. Especially about price.
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    We deal with 90% women, but the weird part is that even though we never seem to see the husbands they always know more about irrigation then we do according to the wives:hammerhead: "my husband said this or that"

    Yeah I agree with the men getting in the way. "Well let's make sure I can be there to watch so I can just do it myself next year" then we will get the call, well I tried to fix this one thing..... and now I have another problem with something else.

    This time of the year we are getting atleast two calls a day from customers that want us to explain how to turn their systems on for them over the phone. Pet Peeve, Pet Peeve, Pet Peeve. It usually takes either 10-15 minutes or three calls on the average. When we winterize we leave the house valve off, the backflow valves at 45 degrees and we leave any test ports, plugs, drains open.
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    Oh I hear ya on this. I hate talking to someone over the phone trying to explain how to start it up. and yes we leave all the test ports and drains open as well, and b/v handle in 45 degrees. They don't understand that is the best position for the system, and get upset when they try and do it themselves and have water running out of everything.

    Me english/grammar not so good tonite. need sleeeeeeeeeeep............:sleeping:
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    I haven't had any calls this year about the drains being open...but one guy was pissed because I left the bleed screws open......

    Last year someone called mad at me because when he turned the water main on...the drain hit him in the chest full blast...called me an idiot and wanted to know how i was going to reimburse him...har har.

    I prefer working w/ women myself....and 90% of my jobs are women.
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    :waving: :cool2: :laugh: That's what I would have told him

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