Customer getting ripped off

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by bobw, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. DanaMac

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    If I go to a house now that I've never been to before, and the customer is not going to be there, I tell them ahead of time I will call from onsite to verify the proper home.
  2. Without A Drought

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    yeah, i'm pretty good about being at the right house too. but i've also been in a rush, read the wrong #, etc. and worked on the wrong house. it happens. 2 years ago, i turned on, eval'ed, repaired, and got paid from the wrong customer. didn't realize until the next day when the original customer complained about a no-show.

    around here, most of us irrigators know each other. some may lay flyers in other's territory, or otherwise try to market to someone else's customers, but most won't maliciously steal someone's customer.
  3. DanaMac

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    That kind of happened to me. I sent one of my techs to the wrong house for a start up. We take care of 5 or 6 homes in a row and I somehow gave him the wrong house number. Got the call - "where are you? I've been waiting all afternoon". So made a Saturday appt. and made it up to her with a little discount.
  4. Without A Drought

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    it happens. we ended up retaining that customer I mentioned above.

    in reference to the OP, I was just positing a different scenario from blatant house jacking.
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    Are you positive? You didn't trade it for a couple of cases of cheap beer? Your positive? Then, if the customer asked and identified herself as your client, then, I am afraid you are obligated to lose even more money to chase the legal action. For me, it would be matter of principle at this point. An honest mistake is one thing. A "hey, your not Dana?" should have identified her as someone else's customer. Top that off with the fact that you already winterized it (or they did such a poor job you didn't realize someone else had been there) means they were double dipping either way.
  6. Waterit

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    Tough situation, bobw. Are they a good enough customer to hold onto? I'd definitely spread the word about the shyster company to anyone who'll listen.

    On another note, yours is one of the best sigs I've come across on here:clapping:

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