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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by DanaMac, Jul 3, 2012.

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    Well, with the current weather conditions being hot/dry/windy, and everything drying out, our phones have been ringing off the hook to take care of dry areas and most people think it is our problem. My patience has been minimal, and customer service has been poor lately. But then we get the one person that appreciates us, and it makes things so much better.
    Email from a customer today:

    As always, Rob knew exactly what to do and was very thorough in analyzing all the problems our aging system develops from time to time.

    We were the ones who changed our landscaping and we were the ones that created a new sprinkling requirement. Sorry the timing happened to coincide with the stress of Waldo and the drought. Our lawn was “stayin’ alive” thanks to you and Rob.

    While you are not feeling lucky at this time, we most certainly feel lucky to have you and Rob on our public works team!

    Thanks so much for being such fine people, dedicate to serving the folks in our local and larger community.

    Good things happen to good people and I know you will make your business adapt and overcome.

    You can count on us to return your loyalty and superb work as reliable, albeit “predictable” fully satisfied customers. We could not possibly ask for more.

    J and P
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    It's always nice to hear from a client who is happy with your work. Generally we only tend to hear from clients when they are unhappy about something.... clients rarely call or e-mail to tell you that they are happy.
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    And Rob just called and told ne he got a $60 tip from them as well. Very nice. Those are the customers we go out of the way for, or as Mike says, put the fork down for.
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    Dana, It's great that you received a letter like this from a customer. People have recognized the excellence in your work and that is a great thing. It seems pretty clear that your employees reflect your approach, also. Remember that this one letter normally represents and even greater number of people who feel the same way, but haven't taken the effort to write it down for you.
    You should frame it and keep it on your wall as a reminder, for those tough days, that you are making a positive impact on people.
    Been thinking of you. Hope things are going well.

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