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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DAZ982500, Jun 11, 2005.

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    The individual we are speaking about is a 65 yo women, who supposedly is a school teacher this uncomfirmed.I have cut the lawn 5 times 22.00 a cut small yard.I also provided a clean up at 325.00 total 435.00 for the month of May.I sent the bill out on the 1st of June, terms were 7 day payment.By the way she is a new customer referral came through another guy who called himself a lawncutter 65 yo but did it in the name of God.Any way ,I call the ladie up on Friday inquire if she received the bill she states , NO, I confirm address name spelling etc.I told her I will send another bill which I sent that day.I am considered one, its alot cash,2. I don't know this person.I already have decided not to cut the lawn anymore until I receive payment, this is a weekly lawn.My wife use to work in a law firm said give her the 7 days is she does'nt pay go to small claims court and sue her I don't want the charges associated with this.I thinking go to door when I know she is there then confront her with the bill and try to get the payment then.Allthe services have been fine no complaints.Ideas please. :angry: :angry:
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    I think you may be jumping the gun a bit. If you mailed out on the 1st, she couldn't have received it until at least the 2nd. Which she has 7 days to pay, that takes her to the 9th. Today is only the 11th, some people do run a few days late. All the bills I receive in the mail always give a little more leeway to pay than 7 days. All our customer payments are due within 15 days.
    But if you are getting a bad feeling about this customer, then go with your gut. Don't cut it again until you get this straightened out with her. It may really just be a misunderstanding, maybe she really didn't get the first bill you sent out. And if you just re-sent the second bill on Friday, heck that was only yesterday, you won't at least get payment until Monday or Tuesday.
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    7 days is a short amount of time to be payed. I get nervous after 6 weeks if a new customer hasnt paid yet. I know alot of people like to pay there bills at the end of the month and dont even open up there bills till there ready to pay them all at once. Talk to her first and see what is going on. I know it may be alot of money to you but I have a feeling that this lady will pay. You dont want to loose her as a regular customer.
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    Try having out well over 100k out for over a month.,.... bigger comp never pay on time.... something you have got to learn in biz is it takes ALOT of time to get your money IF you ever do!
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    All clean up work paid 40% prior to getting out of the truck.

    All clients pay one month in advance on all routine maintenance.

    Yes I still get some issues. Yes I still get stiffed on the remaining 60% sometimes.

    But I got a great idea from Jim Lewis. He sends a letter of intent to lein. I have used it and got great results. Paid in full within 5 days of mailing the letter. 2 days to get to her one day to write the check and 2 days to get back to me.

    Like Jodi I also allow 15 days from the day I send the invoice until they are due. I usually wait 15 more days before I call them with the what's up call. But in my case they are just at the point where I have worked off their paid in advance amount.

    Just some ideas. Take them for what you will.
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    Certified letter after 30-45 days. Otherwise, you got nothin'. Good luck and I also think you are being jumpy.
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    You're out of line to be barking at your customer so quickly. Thinking about suing and all that over such a short deadline? ...goofy. You must be new at this.
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    "sorry grandma, nothing personal, business is business, i'll let go of your arm, as soon as the cash is in my, slowly, with your left hand, get the cash out of your pocketbook......."

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