Customer Hiring Day Laborers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by longislandlawn, Nov 6, 2013.

  1. 32vld

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    I have a customer that only uses me for fertilizing.

    Other customers that only have me mow.

    Some only use me for clean ups and other let me mow and never let me do a clean up.

    I do not let it bother me. I get my price for the work that I do so I am happy.

  2. herler

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    That's all I worry about because there's so many customers if I fretted all day about what they're doing I'd never get anything done.
    I look at it this way, it's their money, they are free to spend it however they wish.
    Another way to see it is, maybe it's best they hired them.

    I have to understand, in this case planting is not my specialty.
    I can do it, I offer it, but it's not my specialty.
    Where do you take your car to have brakes done?
    The brake shop or the muffler shop?
    But, didn't you know the muffler shop does brakes, too?
    You know...

    It's just one of those things, it should bother me but I just can't let it.
  3. PenningsLandscaping

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    Yeah, that's where the line is drawn
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  4. ProStreetCamaro

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    It is quite simple really. You are seeing what I have been preaching around my areas for years now. Your customer knew they could get some illegals to work for half of what you would have wanted to do the job.
  5. A. W. Landscapers  Inc.

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    Why would you consider dropping a profitable weekly maintenance client?

    Why are you blaming the client for not asking you to do the job as well as blaming someone else for doing the work? Sounds like you didn't even know your client was interested in having some plants installed.

    You didn't get the job because you didn't go after it and earn the businessÂ…you expected the job to be handed to you or at the very least you expected the client to come directly to you and given you the opportunity to bid for the job.

    You should reevaluate your client interactions and look for way to be proactive and how you can remain at the top of your client's service provider list.

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