Customer is always right?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by irritation, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Wet_Boots

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    It's the expectation that the new grade is a normal event, and that subsequent necessary sprinkler changes are part of the system guarantee that bugs me.
  2. DanaMac

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    I always get asked "when is the first freeze coming so I can shut my system off?" or "when is the last frost so I can start my system up?"
    My answer is the same as yours Steve, If I could predict the weather, I wouldn't be working on your sprinkler system.

    Are you sure that we are not brothers? We think alike, prefer the same sports teams, and even our companies are similar.
  3. greenmonster304

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    About 2 hours ago I left a job where the home owner who is very nice and hot by the way, told me that the landscaper told her it was my fault that the sod died where hetold me a 10' wide walk way from the drive to the house was going to be built. I guess he didn't have time to build it and she was tired of looking a dirt he just threw down so sod for now but never told me. She was understanding but why the hell can't people own up to there own mistakes?
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  4. rlpsystems

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    Yup your lazy a$$ slipped ....... So suck it up.........
  5. Cloud9Landscapes

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    It could have failed AFTER the OP performed the spring start-up.

    But If the customer was insisting I would replace it.
  6. txirrigation

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    My favorite is when you get the call from a customer that had you come fix one 4" pop up and is now blaming us for lack of coverage.

    Me- "Ma'am we just replaced one head with exactly what you had to begin with. You said you didn't want a full system check, and you weren't going to pay for any other services. If you would like a tech to come back out and do a full system check it is X amount of dollars."

    Lady- "Your going to charge me to come back out and look at my system???"

    Me- "Well you get what you pay for, and if you ain't payin' we ain't workin'.

    Lady-"Well I've Never........."

    Me- "Now you have."
  7. mitchgo

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    Gotta love it.. I love that I can tell someone in the nicest way in this line of business they they are wrong and I am right. Sometimes they don't get it though

    Had a lady with a uncommon system that can be ran from a pump from a lake or city water. She's been running her system on city water since may and had us come out to repair a few items.

    When we winterize pump systems we always disconnect the pump wire at the controller so the pump won't fry when there isn't water in it.

    The lady insisted that the pump was running the entire time when with the city water on.. I told her and showed her the wire disconnected.. Saying unless you came here and connected it up, and then disconnected it by the time I got here.. That pump won't run ( All wiring is sound, nothing is wrong) but she didn't believe me.. She said she could here it! After beating around the bush for 20 minutes I just said I don't have an answer for you to why it was on with it not hooked up.. Crazy lady lol
  8. mitchgo

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    I know business is business
    but ahhh when I repair a single head and that's my sole reason to be there .. I'll still make sure the zone is working properly and has good coverage.. if not I'll make suggestions . Only takes a few minutes and it makes you not look incompetent to the customer. Id rather do that then have the client call and complain. Then again we have a min charge of one hour to come out
  9. JDiepstra

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    The customer is rarely right!
  10. AI Inc

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    Anytime after july 1st we do a mid season inspection on all calls. If for nothing else then to sell more.

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