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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pseudosun, Mar 18, 2013.

  1. pseudosun

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    I have a customer who is missing. Last week i called her to tell her garage door was up, and never heard back. Today i went there, garage door was up. She never returned my call. I flagged down a policeman, and the door to house inside garage was unlocked. He drew his gun, but no one was in there. He said there was a few dirty dishes, but no sign of struggle. A while back, a thug caught her in the garage with a butter knife (something like that), but she fought not to get dragged inside, and wound up chasing him with her car, and he was on his bike. Maybe there is a good explanation; i hope so. I do know that she has a niece that has drug problems for years. Best case scenario is that she's out of town. But, she hasn't returned my calls in a week, and her garage door is never up like that. I fear that something has happened.
  2. zturncutter

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    It's a shame but in many neighborhoods the lawn contractor keeps a better eye on a customer and their home than the neighbors or family does.
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    That sucks, and I'd be concerned too.

    I hope the cops follow up.
  4. Valk

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    I try to get my customer's cell numbers in case I need to reach them in an emergency situation. IE leak in irrigation system, open garage door, relative/friend stopping by with a strong need to get in touch with them, etc...
    This has come in handy and been much appreciated for special/unusual circumstances.
  5. pseudosun

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    Resolved: Garage Door issue. My mind was racing. But.....she thinks someone did get into her house and of all things; made them something to eat. I didn't touch her doors, because i didn't want to be accused. She seems like she's not too concerned about her doors being unlocked. Last week when i called her, she said she forgot to call back and was busy. Still glad i flagged the cop down though.
  6. LandFakers

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    Im not sure where she is at on the money tree, but I have a few customers in the wealthier parts around here and they leave everything wide out in the open and arent concerned about it in the least... They wonder why their things get stolen afterwards. Glad the woman is alright.
  7. herler

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    It is good to be concerned, I think customers appreciate that.

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