Customer killed off his own lawn!

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bligh61, Jun 24, 2008.

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    A new customer was trying to rid his lawn of clover and sprayed round up. Killed of 80% of his front lawn. The lawn is only about 2000 sq ft. Now what are my options to renovate, he doesn't want sod, he has irrigation and sprayed it about a week ago. I'm looking for a cost effective solution, he seems like a good account. Any ideas will help.
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    First talk to the customer, then I would kill of the rest of the lawn with round-up. After 10-14 days make sure it is dead. Aerate and dethatch hardcore. Then seed it, fertilize it, and run the dethatch over in reverse and use the dead grass and such as cover. Something I have tried in the past, and worked well with 80/20 Blue/Rye. Make sure you keep-up on Fertilization(3 weeks apart.) As well as water. Hope this helps.
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    Rent a toro dingo with a power rake attachment. Reseed or hydroseed.

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