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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ProCare Lawn Service, Jun 10, 2005.

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    One of my customers left a message the other day (wed.)saying she wanted her lakehouse cut before this weekend. She is a bi-weekly customer and we cut the yard last week along with the others on the route. Called her back and told her this and she sais she still wants it cut b/c they are having a party. I say o.k. I should be able to fit you in but it is going to cost more b/c I will have to go a long ways out of the way to do it. (It is about a 15 minute drive 1 way) Also, it is a small yard, $35 per cut. She asks how much and I tell her $55. She freaks and sais she'll do it herself. I try to explain why it is $20 more and she pays no attention and sais don't worry about it. Did I handle this correctly? Probably should have told her like $65 or more. The thing is she called 2 days ago. Give me heads up, at least a weeks notice. Gees! :realmad: Probably doesn't matter anyway, party might be canceled due to weather.
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    I think these are the situations that define a business relationship with your clients.

    As long as you are courteous and professional you did the right thing.

    Stick to your guns or they will take advantage of you.

    If you caved then next time it would have been "I have a party this afternoon, can you come over now and mow before the guests get here?".
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    If she called the plumber to fix a leak by a certain time would it be the same price as the pipe got fixed on his schedule? NO.

    EOW people get done after weekly people. Special requests are special so they cost special prices. Why should you cut it for her to have a nice lawn for the party and you lose money?

    Now I have an EOW client who wants to be cut on his off week. He asked 6 weeks ahead. I charge $170 monthly (comes out to about $60 per cut) for that cut I am charging $75. It is right on the route and he had the courtesy of asking way ahead of time. If it was off route he would pay $95 or more. And he knew that. Said he would pay a reasonable extra charge if need be. I told him the truth. Nope you are on the way just will need to work later that day. But the extra money will cover the extra time we spend to make sure it is perfect for the party. He was happy with that.
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    Just be glad your bi-weekly's don't try to scam you the way they try to scam me for a free cut before they have a party.

    They will call me on aThursday and say we didn't cut the lawn 10 days ago. I'm not on the crews so I can't say with 110% certainty that the lawn was in fact cut. However, I simply don't get this kind of behavior from the weekly accounts.

    I'm still trying to figure out how to solve this issue when it comes up.

    Any suggestions?

    Anytime a bi-weekly customer calls me and says they need an extra cut for a weekend party or whatever, I will always work them in at no additional cost. But then again, our market area is such that we would never have to drive 15 minutes one way to get there either. We're pretty much in the area at all times. Only on alternating Fridays would they be denied the request. I am still waiting for the first of three crews to check in (7:03pm on Friday evening). We are BOOKED SOLID on every other Friday.

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    I'm a homeowner, stick 2 your guns,these people want labor 4 free?????????I just don''t get it!!!!!!!! God bless the LCO'S. This lawn boy concept has 2 stop!

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