Customer Letter: "I can no longer service you"


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I'm getting ready to make up a letter to send out to the "per cut" customers I put on last let them know I can no longer do this.
This year I have to abide by a schedule...with "per cuts" I don't know how many production hours to count on. And theres no good way to schedule their work.
I will include a monthly billing price for them in the letter, in case they will sign up for annual contract.

Have any of you sent out similar letters? Any kkey phrases you want to share.

-Thanks, Billy.

Randy J

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One thing I have learned was always accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. I would say something to the effect that "due to your growth and in order to provide the best possible service you'd like to put them on a regular service agreement." Then you can add "if this won't work for your current situation, you have the option of seeking service elsewhere". You could also go the extra step and offer to refer them to someone who will service them on a "per cut" basis. That you might even make them feel guilty for not wanting to go on a regular service agreement, or at least leave them with a good "customer friendly" impression of your company.



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Randy, great post, that's exactly what I would do if I were in Altalawncare's position also. It sounds very professional and lets the customer know that you just don't want to cut their yard anymore.


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At the end of a letter like that I would also add something along the line of;

"Of course, if in the future there is something that our company might be able to help you with, please call".

Team Gopher

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Hi Alta,

You could also go the extra step and offer to refer them to someone who will service them on a "per cut" basis.
I think this is important. It will show you still are looking out for their best interests and the customer may sign up with you because of this positive attitude.


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offer them a incentive for signing up 4 the year a % off maby
once u get them through the first year and they see you r not ripping them off they will be good to go


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Alta, I am doing the exact same as you this spring, getting rid of all 'per cut' customers, becuase you just can't make money doing that.
So heres what im doing. I sent out a letter, it does not bluntly say that they will have to sign a contract this year, but does mention that Student Lawn policies are changing to more effieciently accomadate our customers. Becuase of this I would like to setup an appointment with them to explain to them the policy changes. At the meeting in person I will explain that they cannot go on a per cut basis anymore. I also did mention in the letter that they were considered preffered customers and will recieve 5% off on their total annual bill. I figure if i can get them in a personal meeting i can explain to them why it benefits them to be under a yearly contract.
Hopefully these will maximize my year to year cliental