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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, May 27, 2005.

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    dear valued customer......this letter is being sent to all of our clients, and is not meant to single anyone one out. first off, let me thank each and everyone of you for your patronage. it's only a couple short months into the 2005 season, yet we have met, and exceeded our companies growth goals. unlike most of our competitors....for the safety of our clients, our employees, and to provide you with the best service possible, we carry the neccesary insurences, state licensing, and attend regular training thru the state so we are updated on new products, and techniques. our employees attend weekly safety meetings, and training sessions. all of this cost money, yet we consider ourselves a moderately priced service. our long time customers are familiar with our policies, and for our newer clients, everything should be covered in your service agreement. i do need to touch on a few subjects. in order to keep our prices competitive, our goal is to provide you with the best service possible, while still keeping in the time frame we anticipated when we priced your property. anything extra that needs to be done must be charged extra. a fallen limb, a pile of branches, etc , anything not involved in the grass cutting procedure. blade height adjustments: our training and experience teaches us what height your lawn should be cut at, pending weather conditions. all of our properties will be cut at the same height. if you request a height change, $3-$5 , per occurence, will be charged to your monthy invoice. bagging grass: if you wish to have your lawn bagged, you must provide a receptacle for the grass. if no receptacle is provided, there will be a fee of $3-$10 per occurence, added to your next invoice. anything extra that you request, will be charged accordingly. if you need to know the price , ask with your request. if not, no price will be quoted, but will be added to your invoice. for our customers that pay for "weekly cleaning", there was a certain amount of time anticipated for the weekly cleaning, should conditions exceed this timeframe, an added fee will be applied to your next invoice. conflict of opinion: we are trained, experienced professionals. if a client asks us to provide a service that is inconsistant with industry standards, we will advise against it. if customer then insists, we may provide service but only with a detailed consent form stating we did in fact advise against it. under no circumstances will we provide any service that we feel is unsafe to you, us, your property, or your neighbors, the atmoshpere, etc. PAYMENTS: payments must be made by the agreed due date. back dateing a check is not acceptible, the postmark on the envelope will be used to determine wether or not payment was sent on time. they must reach our office BY THE DUE DATE. late fees will be stricly enforced, no exceptions (sorry aunt louise). will write more later....gotta fly. opinions so far? plain and simple, the point i'm trying to get across, is that everything, not accounted for during original quote, must be charged extra. i don't care if it's a dollar, $2 bucks, or a thousand. of course all this is in thier service agreement, but, do u think they really read that?
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    I cant even read that without a headache. Gedd, you HAVE to work on paragraphs. I hope thats not the actual letter you sent out. This post is in no way meant to insult but people will not want to read that letter.
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    I think it is too long and most will not read it. That is not your problem, when they question your height change charge, just tell them, "It was explained in the letter I sent out"
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    I hear ya Bobby, but do you really get that many requests for extra work while on the property? I know that it's a PITA when a customer wants those little extras, and I really hate it as well as you do, but doing those 2 minute jobs goes a long way with PR. Now if it's some job that takes longer, of course you must advise them that there will be an extra charge for the service. And I think that a lot of people will understand that. But your letter is way too lengthy and complicated. Good luck with it. Let us know what your customer response is.
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    I would recommend that you make a small half sized sheet with the "adders" detailed as simply as possible and than include a shorter letter explaining why.

    Personally, I think you should just raise everybody's prices by $2-$3 citing fuel costs and figure in doing that "little extra" without giving them grief. It probably costs you more in time to keep track of little crap than it brings in money. That's just my opinion based on why prior life in office order entry/inventory control systems. Every transaction has a cost.

    I'm still trying to figure out why changing the blade height is a $3-$5 charge?
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    I understand where you are going with the first few sentences, but it sounds awkward to me. I would work on those a little more.

    Here is a quick clean-up.

    No charge. :rolleyes:

  7. txlawnking

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    But I couldn't read it too well myself.. I'd condense it big time. But I think you can basically acheive the goal with a blanket statement like this:

    ANY service requested NOT described in detail in our mowing service agreement, will be charged accordingly at an hourly rate of ______.
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    I like to pull your chain about being short. But in this case Shorter is better. I do not have the writing skills to make this letter perfect. So I will ask those who do to rewrite your letter.
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    I like the letter if for nothing else, but a polite reminder that extras will be charged (don't think they are freebies), and pay your bill on time, and other special arrangements. Very polite and well put.

    I would also add, for your safety it is best that you stay inside while we are servicing your property.

    and, one thing that may not apply to you, but I need to do this for my customers.

    I cannot accept the risk of trimming near or around parked cars or other valuables. I will not be able to trim around these objects, but if you move them after I arrive, but BEFORE I begin trimming the area, I will be glad to trim there. (or something to that effect).

    I had to skip some spots this week at different customers' houses and would like to let them know why, before they ask.

    I would be surprised at the amount that these customer actually read. Some of them have nothing better to do (except maybe reading the ingedients of their cereal and reading old magazines that they have saved since 1984).
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    Get a life, Bobby. Are you REALLY going to charge them to remove one little 'ol fallen tree branch off their grass? If you send that letter out worded and spelled that way, you are going to PI$$ off a lot of customers. :angry:

    just my .02 worth............

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