customer lost a tree limb

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by rhatala, Nov 27, 2007.

  1. rhatala

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    from NJ
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    I have a customer who last night had a tree limb break off and she is concerned the tree might die or become infected in some way so she wanted to know is there any type of liquid or substance she can put on the stump to prevent infection that would also help the remaining limbs stay healthy? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  2. ed2hess

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    Suggest she call a tree doctor she won't want to pay $75 to have someone even look at it....also wanting the free stuff
  3. P.Services

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    tell her its gona die for sure and we cant do a thing to save it. then cut it down and make some cash.
  4. betterview2

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    my proffesional suggestion would be to check the break then cut the break at a 45 and leave it alone painting wounds is not a recomenned techinque anymore but in my personal oppinion taking the cash for the whole tree would be nice too hahaha good luck hope i helped
  5. JimmyStew

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    Yes, this would be the ethical thing to do! No wonder the green industry gets a bad rap.

    Not to sound rude, but if you do not have the knowledge to look at the tree and know what should be done to protect it then you need to call an arborist inspect it, because if it isn't done properly then yes, the whole tree may be in danger. Also, you didn't say in your post why the limb came down. Is the tree old, in poor health or was it weather related. These issues will all play a role in determining the best course of action. I'm not sure why ed2hess assumes your customer won't want to pay $75 for an arborist, but if she does not want to pay that fee, tell her there is nothing you can do for her.
  6. Jb3NH

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    Well, What i would do and i don't don't if its right, but from what i've learned.. Clean that would give it a fresh clean cut with the sharpest blade you got. Do not slap on any or any other goop as that stuff could trap water and fungus underneath. Thats just my opinion.
  7. rhatala

    rhatala LawnSite Member
    from NJ
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    It was broken by a storm they had last night i am assuming wind was the culprit. Thank you all and when I check it out on Thursday i will have a better understanding and probably tell her to check out an arborist.
  8. Nate@TLCS

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    I've never heard of an exact angle to cut a limb break at, but if two people are telling you to cut at 45deg.... then do it. Is there any obvious insect damage? (carpenter ants?) if not, call an arborist....yes. an "ARBORIST" for a small fee, or maybe for free they'll come out and tell you what is wrong with it. Also, you don't have a whole lot to worry about now with it being cold in the way of fungus or disease. Hope I helped.
  9. EagleLandscape

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    First, post a picture of the tree, and I'll let you know what the best measure to take is. It all depends on the type of tree, where the break use, what the crotch angle was, etc.

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