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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sandman23, Mar 12, 2007.

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    I took on a large residential job to trim shrubs (4 sides of well manicured shrubs in upper end neighborhood). I charged $400.00. It took 6 hours as a solo. They had ordered 2 dump trucks of mulch to go over the top after trimming. I removed (10) 32 gallon bags of debris from this house. I raked the shrubs after trimming and removed all large debris. I blew off the sidewalks and yard when I was done. There is very little left on the ground. The whole point of waiting on the mulch is to be able to cover up any remaining debris. Anyway, when I called her this morning to ask how she liked the job she said that she is not satisfied with the clean up and said that she was going to have to clean again before laying the mulch.:confused:

    I made an appointment with her to go back out and discuss the situation. I will do my best to satisfy this customer because I am trying to get more work out of the area BUT... where do you draw the line? And, do you guys have any suggestions about how to handle difficult customers?
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    that sucks.....i use some tarps when trimming bushes to help reduce cleanup... just try and satisfy them to the best of your ability...... then learn from this when you bid your next job .......
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    This won't be your last unhappy customer, just try and keep them happy, if it takes you a couple of extra it. Look at the long term money you'll get out of it. Plus the word of mouth factor. She'll tell her neigbors how you satisfied her needs. Then again there are some customers that you'll never make happy!!! Dump `em
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    The best way is to return to the residence and patiently discuss the customers' complaint.
    If there is any validity to the complaint then do what you can to correct it.
    I would not mention any statements concerning satisfaction guaranteed or anything similar.
    The mere fact that you called displays your professionalism and follow-up however, in my experience, mentioning or belaboring the point that you want to make the customer happy gives the pita's more ammo to weasel more work out of you for free.
    Look at their complaint, be patient, but above all stick to your guns - if they are whining about debris in an area you didn't work simply respond with a quote to address the additional clean-up.
    If you did mess up, whatever you do don't apologize, acknowledge more work needs to be done, complete it quickly and quietly then get paid.
    I could type for hours about the pita customers I have run across and their ridiculous efforts to chisel more work by complaining. I do have to admit some of the comments have been quite original though.

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