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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Butler Landscaping, Jun 18, 2010.

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    so i have this customer that ive been mowing her yard since i was 12 (im 17 now) and i charge her $120/month to do regular cuts and fertilize it and trim the hedges. she is in the army and she went overseas. the problem is she hasnt paid me in 2 months but since she has been such a good customer i havent stopped mowing it yet. im not sure what to do, should i keep mowing it and give her a HUGE bill when she gets back or should i just stop mowing it? i really like this lady but i cant work for free!
  2. Big C

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    If she is still overseas I would try to reach her via email maybe and continue to mow....if she is home and ignoring your calls/emails/texts.....cut her off and contact her 1st SGT and let them know about the'll get your $$$$
  3. topsites

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    Yup, try what BigC said.

    It is VERY possible that if she is overseas it is not for lack of her wanting to pay you,
    more than likely and especially with as long as you have been servicing the property,
    more than likely they are experiencing a delay in mail.

    This is not at all unusual, at least when I was in Desert Storm we might have got
    mail once every 30-45-60 days, granted I don't recall the exact time frames but I
    can tell you mail calls were few and far in between.

    Being that she's in the service, I would personally lay my trust in her, again especially
    being the length of time you've been servicing the yard as well.

    And hope I am right lol because I'd sure hate to get bad karma out of it too.
  4. MOturkey

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    In most cases, I'd advise you to discontinue service. In this situation, I'd give her some slack, especially since you have had a working relationship for several years. It may be due to a situation beyond her control, and if not, I still suspect she has more to worry about than her lawn bill.

    Personally, I'd continue cutting expecting no compensation, then, if she does pay up in the future, which I suspect she will, it will be nice getting a few hundred bucks all at once, and if not, you can pat yourself on the back for helping out one of those who protect and serve.
  5. lawnsofmerritt

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    I'd have to agree...
  6. Robert Pruitt

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    kudos for MOturkey.
  7. mbrew

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    Most people overseas have very good communication with home nowadays. It's not at all like it was back during Desert Storm. I'd see if I could get her contact info. Did you have an email address for her? Chances are good she can still access that address although it might be sporadically.

    Like the others, I would likely continue service, but I might consider reducing the frequency level of service etc.

    good luck.
    Mike (a recently retired GI)
  8. MikeKle

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    Do you know how long she knew about having to go overseas? Im surprised she didnt talk to you before she left and make payment arrangements, unless it was a spur of the moment thing, but usually they know some time in advance about their deployments, I would try emailing, regular mail will take forever and she may not get it until august!!
  9. land_scaper70

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    I mow for a women who is in the service, too. She pays while home when she goes over seas to protect our freedom and liberties, I expect no payment from her at all, it is the least I could do for her putting her life out there for my family. The 20 minutes it take me to do her account is well worth her time of maintaining my ability to communicate on the internet and watch live world cup soccer.
  10. Trevor8

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    I like this a lot. I would do this with her.

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