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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bobcatnj, Feb 25, 2004.

  1. bobcatnj

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    i have 2 customers from last year and there not paying there balance. the total between the 2 is 1600.00 i keep sending notes on there bill, charged interest, and made phone calls to them. what do i do now. make a claim to small claims court??what can i do????
  2. vadeere

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    Show up on there doorstep with their bills, preably an imcovienent time when you know that they will be home.
  3. vadeere

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    Show up on there doorstep with their bills, preferably an imcovienent time when you know that they will be home.
  4. ipm

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    You say last year. Do you mean 12 months or 5,4,3??

    Do you have a signed agreement????????????????? You probably don't and that is why they are not paying.

    Answer that and I will continue.
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  6. Tennessee2004

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    Just me but I always get a contract notarized. This way I can collect If I need to from deadbeats. In my area we have a "deadbeat" alert and basically it works as this: We advise the other firms of this person and they get their money upfront or they hire the 14 year old kid down the street to mow the lawn.Shocking to me and others here is the deadbeats are the ones with the most money and nice properties!

  7. codywyomingus

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    place a lein on there property at the county court house, see how fast they apy!
  8. bobcatnj

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    yes i have a signed contract from last year with them. they paid in the beginning of the year but the last 3 months they didnt pay.
  9. ipm

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    civil suit. Go to the court house and ask where to file a civil suit. You can file a lean but if they are not moving any time soon you will never see the $.

    You might want to send a registered (demand letter) 1st before you file suit. This will simply let them know that you mean business. Give them so many days to respond, or pay. If they do not respond then file your suit.

    Do you have other properties around the non paying customers?
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    In most states i fu are filing a mechinical lein on the property u must in writing give a 30 day notice u will be filing . others wise lein does no good .. you could try a collection agency, but if this customer is a deadbeat collection wont bother them.. small claims is a grat way to collect money ..u need no lawyer.. just go to your local court house small claims dept. and file it will cost you money depending on the amount you are suing for. i think usually its like 10% of the total and a filing fee usually 25.00 and then u have to have them served and thats done by the sheriffs dept the fee there is around 30.00.. you can sue for all your court cost so dont forget to include tha in you total.. you will need to know where they work so they can be served there.. police like that better than a home address becasue they know the are at work , but no when home .. if u dont have a work address then use home.. i followed a customer to work one morning because she would never answer her door when she saw sheriffs at her home.. that way i got her work address.. after you get a judgement court that does not gurantee you they will pay the courts only enter a judgement you still have to collect the money... If that happends your customer still does not pay then you have to take her place of work to court to have her wages garnished .. and trudt me they wont like that ... but they must appera in court and provide financial records on the employee and then the judge will order garnishment of wages and the money comes directly out of his or her check.. good luck from someone who had to go through what you are.

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