Customer not wanting to pay because the job didn't take long enough for liking.


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They paid, he said that in an earlier post....


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In MN any right to file a lien would have to be part of a written contract,signed by the property owner. Laws vary from State to State.
In my state that is not needed. A verbal agreement is legal and binding. As is saying go for it on messenger or a text. Laws do vary from state to state. In small claims the judge will determine who is telling the truth. I keep all correspondence so if it ever comes to that it will be no problem. I have always eventually been paid. My reason for posting this thread was just to give people some entertainment. I am sure I am not the only one who has had a customer upset that the work was completed faster than they thought it would be. I appreciate your comments though and they may very well help a new guy who doesn't know any better that lives in one of the states like yours. Thank you for the input.