Customer not wanting to pay because the job didn't take long enough for liking.


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Intent not a lie and a customer not paying is what? I have filed liens and the first step is intent notification to client. Most times that takes care of the problem and yes I had and still have a contract stating all the terms and conditions and we take pictures of every job and put it on a 1tb drive with said contract , if we do our job we should be paid simple if client wants to be a unethical person that’s on them. Tell us all you would walk away with the money your owed in the clients pocket for me it is simple that money is food on my families table. Don’t be self righteous and indignant.


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So I have a customer who I edged and mulched her front flower beds and 2 tree rings for her. When I finished the job she was nowhere to be found. I messaged her several times about the invoice and she finally responded saying she didn't like being bothered about payment after the job I did as I only took a couple hours to do it and it wasn't fair I did it so fast. I used 1 and half yards of good triple shred black mulch and I edged 40 feet of beds and cleaned out 2 small tree rings and put a shallow edge on those so as not to kill the trees. I tried to get out of doing the tree rings but she insisted and then was upset that I charged extra for them and they weren't as deep as the flowerbeds. Just an excuse not to pay. Pics attached of the front beds.View attachment 440653View attachment 440654View attachment 440654
Give me her ph #.
I will straighten this out in a hurry.
Seriously though, your price is absolutely fair. Tell her she has 1 week to pay or your going to small claims court. And you will add expenses.


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In my state that is not needed. A verbal agreement is legal and binding. As is saying go for it on messenger or a text. Laws do vary from state to state. In small claims the judge will determine who is telling the truth. I keep all correspondence so if it ever comes to that it will be no problem. I have always eventually been paid. My reason for posting this thread was just to give people some entertainment. I am sure I am not the only one who has had a customer upset that the work was completed faster than they thought it would be. I appreciate your comments though and they may very well help a new guy who doesn't know any better that lives in one of the states like yours. Thank you for the input.
There’s no truth for the judge to determine here
You did the job
She’s says I don’t want to pay because you’re fast

I don’t want to pay for my groceries because the cashier rang them up too fast