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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Edgewater, May 29, 2003.

  1. Edgewater

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    I bid a lawn a little low this spring because it was a way into THE area where I want to cut. I bid 27 a cut plus tax when I should be around 30-35.

    Today I show up, and the lawn is like 25% larger with new sod. Not only do I have the extra area to cut, but he wants it done with a 21 for the rest of the season.

    Then he comes out again and says "why is your guy not bagging with the 21?" I said we don't bag unless the grass is to long to mulch.

    He says look your tractor (Zmaster) is bagging, I did't argue, but I had onlt the bags on, no blower or tube.
    He now wants it bagged all the time so that he does not get clippings on his slipper when he walks on the lawn.

    What shoul I do, quote a new price in a letter and if he doesn't like it he can call back the last guy he fired?
  2. CMerLand

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    Are you really asking this question???? You already know your not making money on this lawn, and now its bigger and hes requesting a change in the service parameters. Hell yes, send him a letter with a new price quote outlining that you will follow his procedures just like he requested. If he drops you, se la vie!!!! No sense in continuing to lose money on a job, with the hope that you'll make it up some other way.

    Reminds me of someones personal quote on here, that cracked me up, though Im not sure whos it was and deserves the credit.

    "I lose a little bit of money on every lawn I cut, so Im trying to make it up in volume."

    Kinda like going to the change machine that only gives you 75 cents each time you put in a dollar. Sure, you can repeat the process hundreds of times over, but in the end you will have less money then you started with and youll be out of dollars.

  3. dfor

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    Yes, send a letter explaining the reasons for the price change. Sometimes doing it in person works better. He's probably not worth the aggravation if he declines. Good luck.
  4. o-so-n-so

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    Edgewater.....c-mon man..Why waste your time on this guy if he's not willing to pay a fair price for the service received. If he adds more work, you should receive more $$$.
    I would approach him in person with an agreement/contract in hand. Let him know you will cut his grass, bagged, 21" walk behind, or whatever, but not for the price you quoted. Then tell him why. If he expects all the extra's for the same price, he will always want something done extra for no charge... Contract this account if possible with everything in writing. Verbal is OK as long as he understands the program.
  5. TotalCareSolutions

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    Some do it intentionally, trying to sneak in extras after the season has started. Others just have to be reminded that you are running a business and of course anything that requires more time would obviously cost more.

    1) Do you have a written contract? If not, take a few notes on your customers and you WILL refer back to them later.

    2) This may be a sign that you may possibly need sharpen your business stature w/ your customers. Try to get your customers to like you and respect the fact that your running a business. They should be more apt to approach you and ask..."How much would it cost for...."
  6. John Gamba

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    DUMP Him NOW!!!!!!!
  7. TotalCareSolutions

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    If he kjnows the customer wont pay more...OK, dump him.


    Can this guy afford to dump customers because their gonna tell him what they want, or ask for more services. The customer "doesnt want clippings on his slippers". OK, not a problem. For this type of service, it will cost you .....

    Granted, he may have bid the property too low originally...that has little to do with the fact that his customer has now decided he does not like clippings. Simply adjust the price.

    1) Use this oppurtunity to 'Develop your negotiation skills'.

    If he refuses to pay more, hes made the decision for you.
  8. Green Pastures

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    I'd be willing to bet you don't have a contract either. :rolleyes:
  9. John Gamba

    John Gamba LawnSite Fanatic
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    I Think People That Bring This Type Of stuff up After You start Mowing Are Playing games.
    I don't think He will pay More.
  10. Gr grass n Hi tides

    Gr grass n Hi tides LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I would not mow the additional square footage for the same fee, plus add bagging. No way. If you want to try and keep him as a client, do as you said and quote a new price which you are satisfied with & if he doesn't agree explain to him in a polite and professional manner why you will not be able to provide service any longer.

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