Customer outside watching everything you do

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by williams lcm, Jan 4, 2019.

  1. That Guy Gary

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    I got a creeper! :eek:

    Never listening to TP again, the speedo was a horrible idea! :cry:
  2. zlandman

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    Always wanted to do a round of spring mows in a head to toe rabbit costume. That'll get everyone's attention.
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  3. Trees Too

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    So called "helicopter customers" that feel the need to hover over and shadow any contractor while they are working on their property.
    They are generally worried about you, cutting corners and not doing the entire yard, or working too fast and doing what they perceive as a poorly done job, or that you night damage and/or steal something.
    Then there are the retirees that just have a lot of free time, and find it entertaining just to watch you work.
  4. hal

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    Goes along the lines like wearing a landscape thong.
  5. Wye Oak Tree

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    We have some names for these beloved customers:

    "Hawk" is a customer who watches you like a hawk from inside the house, peering out the windows all the time.

    "Pest" is someone who is always bothering/pestering you by phone or on the site.

    "Black widow" is usually a person who is lonely and when you pull up to their lawn they entrap you in a web of endless conversation.

    "Zombies" are the folks who have the shades pulled down and never come out of their house.
  6. Greencuts518

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    Zombies are cool
  7. TPendagast

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    THAT is a very entertaining post
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  8. weeze

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    i can understand if you are just starting to mow their lawn and they wanna make sure you do a good job. most contractors these days half-ass do anything anymore and make a mess and don't clean up after themselves....but once you've mowed the lawn a few times and they've seen you do a nice, neat, and good job they should leave you alone. if they keep on then they are just control freaks or something.

    i remember i had a customer where everything was fine for the first year or so then after that they would start complaining every time that i missed a spot or this or that or could i do this next time? i'd go back and there was no spot i missed at all. i was like "are these people crazy?"

    turns out they couldn't understand why the weeds in their yard were taller than the grass. they didn't understand that weeds grow faster than grass does. even after explaining that to them they would just come up with something else the next time. always asking me to mow it shorter and stuff like that. their yard had st. augustine so i told them we need to let it grow taller so it will spread and make the whole yard look nice. they would say ok you are the expert and then after a few weeks they would start complaining asking me to mow it shorter.

    people want a nice lawn but they don't have the patience for it. they don't wanna spend the money for sod or anything so instant lawn isn't gonna happen. it will take years not weeks but after a week or two they get tired of it. they don't understand that when you mow it shorter that hurts the grass. they'd rather their weeds look good cut nice and short than do what's best for the lawn to let the grass thrive.

    i mean the lady wanted me to come after 3pm one time so she could show me some limbs she wanted trimmed off the shrubs. i asked her to show her husband and he can show me since he's at home when i am there to mow which is around 10am.

    for some reason she wouldn't do that. i ended up never trimming any limbs because i wasn't gonna go out there after 3pm just for something like that when i'm normally done mowing for the day by that time and back home.

    needless to say i stopped mowing that yard this year. it made life 100% better. :D
  9. iand

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    I like your names but I prefer to keep it simpler and group them all except zombies under the one banner of ex-client
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  10. ArTurf

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    Yes, seen this. Everything starts out fine but as time goes they expect more for the same price. Clean off the deck/patio, add objects in the yard to maneuver and trim around. What started out as a 30 minute yard is now 45-50 minutes. This is one reason I keep time and remind customers that anything that adds time/effort to the yard may result in a price increase. Do that at the beginning of each year and maybe another time if something comes up.
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