Customer outside watching everything you do


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had one that would watch everything he dropped me for a cheaper guy. Didnt really care he was strange. Also it wasnt my fault he ran up a big bill he had a big lawn and then asked for bush and brush to be cut so tacked on a another fee. 75 dollar yard some one came and did it for 35 I said take it

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I had an old Indian man that used to watch me all the time. He would stand outside with his arms crossed and watch me mow the lawn. Then when I moved to the front, he would follow. He didn't speak English and his son (who was paying me) told me not to worry about it. Still, I didn't like it. I felt like I should be charging extra lol.


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Ya retired Indian guys like to watch. I just figure they are bored and we are their entertainment. They must love the eq like we do. Doesn't bother me because they are not critical and don't interrupt you.