Customer owes me $250! Won't pay.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by scag2015, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. scag2015

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    Ok so I know before everyone says it, what was I thinkng! Should have realized that he is not gonna pay. Anyways so here it is, picked up a new customer about April, he always paid the day of mowing lives in a small but decently nice (average) house. He was always super nice, ABSOLUTLY loved my work and always let me know (now looking back almost looks like he was just "buttering me up:)" ) the about 15 mows ago (15 weeks) he started saying "come back in a few hours and I can pay you then" I'm like ok...... Whatever. And he did. Then he said that again after that then said he'd call me when to call, said that for a few weeks. I was not that concerned because he was a great payer since the beginning and a good customer. A couple weeks after that I started leaving him invoices, then so time give him a text telling him I left one for him. Then all the way until 2 weeks ago he has not answers the door been at home answers text or calls. Finally I reached hime and he strangly said he has been in Florida for the past few weeks (I think he does real estate so that kind of maybe made sense) and I said ok. But left and invoice with note saying when I recieve the payment I'll continue servicing (oh and I've also been doing his next door neighbors lawn and the prop elm customers lawn only takes about 35-40 min so not that big of a deal to me since I don't have even near a full schedule) I've text him that same note a couple times and (and called) and he said he will mail the check like I asked, but that been two weeks. So what should I do? Ps. It's $25 a cut 10 cuts unpaid for. Thanks to all!!
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    man if i gets a customer thats doesn't pay after 1 month they aren't going to get cut until they are paid up.
    Plus I will charge them more for the next cut because of how tall the grass is.
    But if they will continue to do that again I will cut them off.

    You dont need customers that dont pay. Thats wasting your time when you could be working for good paying customer.

    hope the guy pays you though good luck
  3. PicturePerfectLawns

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    I've had customers like that. I'm in a habit now of dropping customers. I done learned I live in a market where there's plenty of customers, and thousands of new people moving here per week. I don't get paid to chase around money. I say hound him to you get your money then drop him. One or two cut's is one thing, like mentioned above, a month at most, but after a month, you should no longer be working for him, no way.
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    First off the only way for sure to collect is to man up and knock on door or go to his place of business.

    By the way, my daughter lives in East Ridge. I use to have an apartment I kept for my other daughter and we visited on East Brainard Road.

  5. whiffyspark

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    Just send a certified invoice through snail mail with signature conformation.

    Stop cutting his grass until he pays btw lol

    And it happens. I have a guy that owes me almost 4 grand from 3-4 years ago. Never saw a dime of it even after collection companies
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    Keep hounding him and definitely stop cutting.

    I have a few that still owe $250-$500 and will be hunting them down until the day I die. Keep info on him. Address in Florida, phone number, full name, etc. Nicest people that just turn ghost and won't tell you. So you keep going for good people, and it bites you sometimes. Sorry man! He will pay up, Call him daily. One I literally called every morning at 9am for 38 days straight. She finally paid.
  7. whiffyspark

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    The collection company even sent a guy to his work to try to get the money I was owed.. He still didn't pay up lol
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  8. Sponsor
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    ^^ Gah that grinds my gears! I have a couple I want to park the truck in front of their house and drive until they leave. :/ *sigh* just disheartening with those duds out there
  9. southerntide

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    Why do you guys keep cutting after not being paid on the 2nd cut I never get this with people............
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    ^^ I know I know. It used to be a 'good faith' thing, or maybe a nice guy thing? I dunno, looking back I just feel dumb about it. I like have no answer for that very good question either. "why did you keep working for free?" uhh, well, hmm, yup. blah.

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