Customer Perks what do you do for em?


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Southern, Maine
We personaly give out Christmas card out to all of our accounts, Residential and commercial. We also provide referal programs, Mostly residential. I would like to here what your company does for there customers?


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Stick9, they pay you, not really a "perk".

I send all customers a Christmas card. I also try to do a small favor if I get a signed referal. One customer refered me to a family down the street, I installed 12 bales of pineneedles for him for free as a thank you.


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Kirby, thanks for the enlightenment.

Believe me, if you saw the kind of job we do, you would understand. It's a perk just to have us cut. People should just give us their money, and if they're lucky, we'd cut it.


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Northeast Ohio
If empty garbage cans are out front, I'll put them back by the garage or somewhere near where I know the customer keeps them. Also put the newspaper on the front porch. Just small stuff like that that doesn't take much time but pays dividends in the end.


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i'm gonna send out christmas cards this year,i'll do a couple of things for some select few accounts for free(small things that is)but i have learned the more freebees you do,the more things people will want done free-so i try to not do many freebees.

Chuck Sinclair

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Sacramento, Ca
Thank You letter for signing up with us Xmas card for all customers if i do sprinkler repairs or any work out of the normal lawn maintenance they get a thank you card.

Gotta to keep them happy if it wernt for them there would be no us!:)