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    just got off the phone with a customer (soon to be ex) she lives out of town but owns a house here that is for sale. problem is the leaves didnt drop until after the snow started to fall. since the beging of december we have only had about 4-5 days that you would be able to work becuase of the weather. we got in there one day in jan and did the front lawn and the next day it snowed well it acually started while we were still there. she calls today po'd becuase the snow melted over the weekend and we are not there doing the clean up. tried to tell her that her yard is all muddy right now and if we tried to do anything on there it would just tear it up and the dump isnt even open becuase its to wet. what really gets me going is that she doent live here she just goes by what the realator tells her. just for the record we had the snowest winter on record by almost 10".
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    go do her lawn and tear her yard up.

    classic i told you so.

    people are too selfish and impatient anymore

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    i just drove by and a good half if not more is UNDER water/ice WTF. realtor was also suppessed to call me when they had a showing of the house if the drive needed plowed. never called one time but when i drove by it had been plowed. piles are still there.
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    good riddance says I
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    thats poland for you! haha
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    Why is the customer "always right"? Seriously. I get tired of people telling ME how to do MY job. And if you get a bunch of them together like in an HOA...dear lord HELP US ALL! If i had a dime for everytime someone has told me HOW to mow their grass or WHEN to put down fertilizer I wouldn't be having to sit here and b**ch!

    I feel for ya. Just keep a smile and be polite and try to explain the situation. If they don't like your reasoning then no one will make them happy. At least make a profit while making them happy.
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    hey im in new castle, we have those type of bunk customers too.
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    Yeah I'm glad I haven't ran into too much of that lately, I feel rather calm about it.
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    Weather broke here, we had a few 50-60 degree days, snow just melted, we also had one of the snowist winter in a long time. During those days had calls wanting to know when I would be coming for spring clean up. It is extremely muddy. They just wanted to be the first ones done. Did put some seed down for a couple of customers, they wanted dethatched, so I plugged instead when it dried a little. Pulled nice pluggs out. They were happy. :clapping:
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    People are funny!!! All different types---boring without them, though!!!!

    I have two or three customers who tell me

    "Dude!!! Whatever you think my lawn needs, take care of it---no "Prob-blem-oh!!!!"

    One guy I never layed eyes on---he lives in Atlanta and his Lake house is here in Talladega county

    He calls me

    "I need you to put sod down in the pier area around the boat dock!!!"

    No Prob-blem-oh

    Everything is taken care of over the phone----never layed eyes on the dude---I get finished with the job----put the bill in the mail---get the check back in a day or so after that!!! No prob-blem-oh!!!

    Another customer is a corporate jet pilot---he's practically NEVER home---but I go out---cut, blow, and go---and the check is in the mail!!!! No prob-blem-oh!!!

    What we need to do is----give all of the "Egg-suckin" customers to the lowballers and keep all of the "Powder Puff" jobs to ourselves!!!!!

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