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customer quality surveys

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JML, Jul 9, 2002.

  1. JML

    JML LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 415

    I want to send out a survey to my customers this month to find out how my guys are doing out there, what should they be doing, etc... I am having serious writers block, I think cause we are so busy and I can't come up with one that looks somewhat professional. Does anyone have a copy of one they would be willing to send me. Thanks

  2. LawnLad

    LawnLad LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 738

    I cut and pasted the questions we ask on our survey. We ask for a 1 to 10 rating, with 1 being no satisfaction and 10 being completely satisfied.

    I based the survey off of a GM survey after I bought a truck. Same format - obviously questions that pertain to our industry.


    1) How satisfied were you with turfgrass maintenance?
    • weed control
    • health & vigor of your lawn (green)
    • drought tolerance (ability to withstand heat stress)
    • grass height

    2) How satisfied were you with your bed maintenance?
    • beds were weeded as requested
    • bushes/ornamentals pruned as requested
    • plant material was healthy
    • weed control in cracks of sidewalks/driveway, etc.

    3) How satisfied are you with our attention to detail?

    4) Were we reliable this past season?
    • did we do the work we contracted to do
    • did we do the work when you expected it to be done

    5) How satisfied were you with the spring and fall clean-ups?
    • were the clean-ups timely
    • were they thorough
    • did we provide the service you expected

    6) How satisfied were you with the:
    • appearance of trucks/equipment (clean)
    • workers at your property (clean/respectful)

    7) Rating the overall service you received,
    how satisfied are you?

    8) Do you feel that the quality of your landscape in the
    past year has:


    9) Regarding our foremen, how satisfied are you with:
    • their willingness to discuss your needs and concerns
    • their ability to find solutions and answers
    • their ability to communicate effectively
    • their responsiveness to your requests
    • their knowledge of landscape material/horticulture

    10) Do you know who the foreman was that worked on your property? __________________________

    11) Regarding our technicians, how helpful were they
    when you approached them?

    12) Regarding our office personnel, how satisfied are you with:
    • responsiveness to your requests
    • ability to communicate effectively


    13) In rating our invoicing process:
    • billing statements were mailed promptly
    • billing statements were accurate
    • current invoicing system provides good information
    • billing terms (net 15 days) are acceptable

    14) Considering a budget that you had in mind or shared
    with us, did we fit within your budget parameters?

    15) For the service that you received and the dollars
    invested in your landscape, how satisfied are
    you with the value you received?


    16) Based on your overall experience with Lawn Lad, Inc.,
    how satisfied are you with our service?

    17) Based on your overall experience with Lawn Lad, Inc.,
    do you plan to use Lawn Lad in the coming year?

    18) Would you recommend Lawn Lad to a friend?

    19) What was your best experience with Lawn Lad this past year? __________________________________

    20) What was your worst experience with Lawn Lad this past year? _______________________________

    21) Do you have any comments or suggestions on ways for us to improve?_____________________________

    22) Based on the current economy and economic conditions,
    do you anticipate spending; more, less or about the
    same on your landscape next season as you did this season?
  3. HBFOXJr

    HBFOXJr LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,712

    We did it for awhile in the early 90's. Most came back good and we didn't learn too much other than we were pleasing people so we dropped it.

    I personally find them an annoying waste of time usually and fill out far fewer than years ago. It also can get carried too far. I bought a '94 Ford 150 and Ford and the dealer surveyed me and called me to kiss me so much I got sick of it and told them to let me alone.

    So take into consideration how many questions and how often you use the tool.

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