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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by lukemelo216, Jun 6, 2009.

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    ok so I did this lawn renovation the other day. Wasnt able it finish it. Some unforseen reasons came about and I told the guy that I wouldnt be able to finish it, and recommended him to another company. I also gave him a refund for the amount he had paid thus far. We finished roughly half the job. Then he tells me, that I did an unsatisfactory job and wants me to fix it at my expense, within 14 days but does not give me a consequence. Then he writes me this letter and says the same thing and says his refund should be more.

    He broke it down and said, I quoted two hours for the bob cat only used it for 1, 3 hours labor, only did 1.5. 7 yards of soil only used 3.5, and then 1/4 of the debris were hauled away.

    The final specs on the job were, 1.5 bobcat, 3 hrs labor, 4 yards of soil, and a 1/4 of material hauled away.

    He said that I am in breech of the contract by not finishing the job, and that if I fail to fix the part we did do, I am responsible for paying another company to fix it. I will fix it becasue it will be easy. We just have to build up some areas, shouldnt take more then 1-2 hours.

    I am more concerned about the refund. The Refund I came up with was about $100 his is like 275$. Any advice?
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    why couldnt u finish?
    how much was the job?
    i would give him the 275 prob. u seem at fault
    doesnt make any sence to me but i dont claim to know it all
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    I'm curious why you didn't finish too.

    If you can't finish a job, Sub out the rest, never talk to the HO until all options are explored.
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    A contract is a contract. Either verbal or written in paper. Paper is better because it is not a his word against your word situation.
    Since an estimation was established, the work started and not completed, what is the outcome of your bonding issuance to pay for the other company finishing the job?
    This sort of thing isn't foreseable, and whatever your reason for not finishing the job, do you cover yourself with a state bond?
    Right now, the customer has you over a barrell!!!! Try to negotiate a truce! will be cheaper to settle out and not go to small claims........!!!!

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