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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by weeze, May 4, 2018.

  1. ltdlawn

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    All this check per mow stuff is such a hassle. I quit that the first full year in business. I have just pick up two elderly sisters that live in same subdivision that insisted on leaving checks but their EOW and checks have been there both times. But I refuse to do it in most cases. I keep up with who owes and who’s paid up via yardbook so much easier on me... only thing I’ve been considering is prepay.
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  2. hort101

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    Imo this seams reasonable
    Better than two foot tall and wanting eow or longer:dizzy:
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  3. Todd73

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    I went pre-pay auto draft with all new customers starting last year. It's worked out well, especially when people cancel. Had a guy on prepay not pay for May. Sent him two or three reminders. First week of May comes, he hadn't paid, he got skipped. Emails me that day and says he wants to cancel. I think I would have stiffed if he hadn't already paid.
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  4. weeze

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    yeah it just makes it hard on the schedule because you never know when they want it mowed or when they don't.
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  5. weeze

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    most of mine are pre pay or pay at the time of service. just a couple can be slow to pay sometimes. i have a commercial that pays at the end of the month and one that i mow 2 rental properties for that pays at the end of the month.

    most everyone pays at the time of service. i couple just tend to pay a week behind from time to time. it's annoying but i don't care as long as they pay. i don't wanna be doing 2-3 cuts having not been paid yet.
  6. Wye Oak Tree

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    Totally agree. As much as I hate waiting for payment, I bill by mail once a month. It cuts out chasing weekly payments.
    This month of May kinda bites because Tues, Wed, Thurs lawns have 5 weeks of mowing and thus billing. So I have to wait.
    It's not great for much needed cash flow, but less chasing around.
  7. weeze

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    just don't chase it. wait until you go back to mow again. make them pay for 2 cuts. if no check then don't cut it that day and move on. if they say "why didn't you mow this week?" just tell them "because you didn't pay for the last 2 cuts"

    even my slow payers always pay before the next cut. i've never had one not pay for 2 cuts in a row. if that happens i won't cut it the 2nd time and i won't cut it again until they pay me for that first cut and the current cut. no pay no mow.
  8. sjessen

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    My "rant" is about a customer's dog. Spent the day installing mulch tot their landscaping. Their son let the dog out to do his business only to have him run through the finished product, roll around in it and then head on back to the house. So tempted to serve the dog an antifreeze cocktail.
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  9. flybynite

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    So you want to kill a customers family pet? Is it really the dogs fault?
  10. sjessen

    sjessen LawnSite Fanatic
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    I was kidding.
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