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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ilovethisgame, Jun 2, 2003.

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    I'm trying to put together a questionaire for my potential customers to complete as I'm getting their quote together. Basically I want to find out their PITA potential. I find some people can manage to say all the wrong thing and show their hand while others are your best friend during the bid but, after the first job the fangs come out and I'm stuck dealing w/ them. What are some of the questions you folks would ask a customer to read into their PITA level?

    - Dave
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    1. Who was mowing it before and why aren't they now? The previous guy could tell you if they weren't paying or were a PITA. Some are also serial non-payers, getting a free month out of a series of companies till the year is over.

    2. Are they a renter or owner? Renters pull up and leave w/o notice, or might just not pay.

    3. Anyone who seems eager for you to get started but not very interested in the price. (they don't intend to pay so they don't care what you charge)

    4. Anyone who comes off as overly suspicious or distrustfull of you during the quote process might be a problem later.

    5. People who seem whacky or overly talkative. Some will bend your ear for 10 minutes every time you're there. One lady insists on paying via check each visit, so I have to shut down and chit chat for 5 minutes minimum. I also get about one call every week from her for various reasons.

    6. People who want a manicured look on a hack it down budget. On nicer properties try to find out what look they're going for before bidding. Some people won't pay for topdressing/sanding a rough lawn, but want a table top smooth cut on Bermuda at 1" mowing height. Impossible.

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