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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ncnurseryman, Oct 11, 2012.

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    Looking for some opinions here on how to handle this customer. One and a half years ago I planted a line of white crape myrtles for a customer. They were either 15 or 25 gallon size, I have to pull my records to confirm which size. Anyway, they were about six feet tall. They were all labeled as white but the were planted when dormant. So now a year and a half later the guy calls and says one tree was pink and he wants it dug up and replanted somewhere else and a new one installed. I can see that I am responsible for planting a pink tree and will replace it but it seems like I should charge something to dig it up and move it somewhere else. Also he tells me one azalea we planted has died but it could have lived a year before it died for all I know. How long do you warranty plants you installed and whats your opinion on moving the pink myrtle. Thanks.
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    I think after a year and a half, i woudn't replace that myrtle for free. You should charge to do that digging. I woudn't replace that azalea at all. Even if you control the water, plant warranties shouldn't last longer than a year. And if you don't control the water, no warranty.
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    Your basically transplanting a crape myrtle from one location to another. Buy the correct color Crape myrtle this time and plant it where the wrong colored one was planted. Move the Pink colored one where he wants it. Only guarantee the new White Crape myrtle for 30 days. After that it is up to him and nature. The pink Crape Myrtle would have no guarantee and as far as the Azalea is concerned you are not responsible for that plant at all. I would not charge this customer for the White Crape Myrtle or your labor. If he does not except your offer, thank him and walk away. If he excepts your generous offer per my suggestion do the job, move forward.
    easy-lift guy
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    Can't improve on this.
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    I bet he killed a crepe myrtle and replaced it with the wrong one and wants you to replace. Why didn't he call you once it bloomed out for the first time. Sounds fishy
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    thank god we don't have to worry about planting the crepe merty's here.
    we do a warranty this way.
    if we install it, and maintain it, we will replace it if it dies.
    maintain means weekly cutting, bush trimming monthly, fertilizer/weed killer.
    new mulch yearly, proper watering that we control
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    It was an honest mistake come and replace the pink one and take it home, you are not obligated to transplant the pink one to another location you only have to replace it with a white one then the pink one is yours, if you replant it for him charge him for that. I usually do a one year replacement warranty as I do mark up the cost. You can tell pretty quick if its lack of maint. or something beyond your control ailing that plant. Honestly if you choose healthy plant material and put the right plants in the right places and install them correctly, mix compost in the back fill and don't smother the root ball etc., 99.9% of the time everything will go fine.

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