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Customer satisfaction survey


LawnSite Member
I was wondering if any of you guys have or use a customer satisfaction survey. I've tried to find something pre-printed but there's nothing available suitable for the green industry. Thanks.<p>----------<br>When the mowing gets tough, sharpen your damn blades!<br>


LawnSite Silver Member
Hey man! Your on track with that idea, but why do you need a pre-written one? Make up your own, you have to customize it to your customer base, lines up work, etc. Its a great idea. I used to throw one in with my monthly bills, just to get some feedback. You'll still &quot;never be able to make everyone happy&quot; but it will give you a good idea on how to improve your service to a certain account, and it will tell you what you've been doing great at (hopefully!!) Make sure its not all check the box answers though, leave a couple lines where they can give some feed back on &quot;What can we do to make you any happier with our service&quot; Something along those lines. Another good idea is instead of waiting for the customer to ask you to do additional work, I used to point out areas of the property that can use some improvement or extra maintenance (extra cash for me!!) You can do this verbally or in a written form. Just point out the area(s) and offer them a free estimate on doing the work. If you let them know you care about how your servicing them, they'll fell like they have control, and will be much happier! Hope this helps!<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti


LawnSite Silver Member
dirty jersey
yes e-mail me your fax # <br>anthonygrelli


LawnSite Senior Member
Central NJ
Did a customer survey during the off-season when I reformatted my customer newletters. It was the second page of the newletter and asked them questions about how were doing etc., what we could do better and other services they might be interested in. Return rates were not good soooo the following month I came up with the who wants to be a $50.00-aire contest along with a second survey, with a drawing from all responses. Response rate deffinately went up and got good information we can use. <p>Also stole the idea of using a customer satisfation checkoff on the back of my payment envelopes. Again not everyone uses them to tell me they're happy but sure get the feedback from unhappy ones. Nip the bud quickly and turn an unpleased client to a happy one.

AGG Lawn Maintenance

LawnSite Senior Member
When the mowing gets tough sharpen those dam blades!!! LoL I like it!!! Although you can't keep everyone happy we love to get feed back from our customers. The thing that most people don't like is the price we charge for pruning shrubs. We charge $40.00 an hour. We don't tell the customer that we give them a by the job figure. We also over estimate by a little to cover costs and condictions. The prices are a little bit high but the work comes out really good. It keeps me from putting heat on my guys to do things faster. Tailer the form to you needs.<br>Good Luck :eek:)<br>Travis AG&G Lawn Maintenance