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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Gene $immons, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. Gene $immons

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    Recently I sent out monthly invoices. I noticed that one of my good customers had still not sent in his payment from the previous month ($250). So, I sent the statement showing 2 months of work.

    The customer calls and said that he mailed the check on such and such date and gave me the check number. I asked if it had cleared his bank, and he called me back and left a message saying that it did clear his bank.

    This customer has an excellent payment history, big house etc..

    I just don't have any record of the payment on my end. I am usually very careful in recording these things.

    Question: Should I ask him for some sort of proof? I hate to offend him, but.........$250 is $250

  2. paponte

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    I would explain the situation, and tell him that you are not calling him a liar. You just need it to see who endorsed it. :cool:
  3. GreenQuest Lawn

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    He may have sent it , may have got lost in the mail, just ask him nicely to call his bank and see if it has cleared.
  4. BSDeality

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    .... read his post

    i just got the opposite today. i got a check for one of my customers last week from the wife's checking account, today i got a check from the husbands. I'll have to give him a ring, and see if he reallly likes my service that much :)
  5. tiedeman

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    sometimes I have forgetting about entering checks into my Quickbooks. I make a run to the post office and then go to deposit them and once in a great while I forgot. Are you sure that maybe you entered it, but just forgot?

    Perhaps just tell him, you don't want to offend him, but could you send out please send out a copy of the cashed check for your records.
    Or I also look at it this way, how long has he been a customer? If he has been a customer for like 2 years, and has never missed a payment before, then just chalk it up as your error.
  6. Mike Bradbury

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    WHy don't you get a printout of your deposits and see if it's in there! :blob2:
  7. tiedeman

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    my deposit records only show the amount that was deposited. Someone else could have paid $250 as well.
  8. mtdman

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    Once, about 3 years ago, I made a big deposit with about 20 checks in the bank. I totally forgot to record it in Quickbooks, had no Idea who paid and who didn't. I pretty much had to wait and see on it. I was pissed at myself and had to sweat it out. I ended up sending an overdue notice to a customer that had paid, and had to apologize. Now I double check to make sure I recorded the transaction.

    In this case, I would ask the guy for a copy of the check. Explain that you don't have his payment recorded and you need to make sure the right person cashed the check. Sometimes it happens.

  9. Rustic Goat

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    If you're still unsure, tell customer you'd like to see the endorsement cause YOU may have someone playing games with your mail, and you may.
    He can call his bank, they'll make a copy, front and back, he can tell them to hold it there in your name so he doesn't get inconvenienced, go by and pick it up, see who endorsed it. You pay any fees to bank if they've charged him a dollar or two to make this copy.
    Then you'll know if you have a problem with your mail, your customer, or if you're making so much money you just can't keep track of it all.
  10. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
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    If you are having someone playing around with your mail. I have three words of advice, Post Office Box. Well worth the money. Plus you get your mail early

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