customer says i didnt mow

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by s and s mowing, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. s and s mowing

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    she says i didnt mow july 2,,and i said i did and put it in my book.she replied that she wanted to see my page on her ,cause she didnt think i mowed and wanted to see what proof i had.btw it has been dry here and i have had several skip weeks with this customer,my ? is what to do with her,this is first time any customer said i didnt mow on a date billed.

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    Do you do any neighbors or is she alone? I rarely get skips. I cut every 6-7 days. If you cut a neighbor point and say "cut the same day !" Sounds like you're just gonna have to argue it out. This is where contracts come in.
  3. Mowing Mike

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    I am dealing with the same thing right now. I have a customer say that my crew did not mow her yard 2 times. I know that we did mow on the dates she is referring to because I was personally with the crew. I figured out why she said we didn't mow, its because my crew has been mowing at 3 inches and I Mow the at 3.5 inches.( crew had been mowing to low with out my knowledge) I told her we did mow but she insisted we didn't. Well I sent her the monthly bill but have not got a response from her. I think I might give her 1 mowing off but not both.

    Thanks mike
  4. arborist-28

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    do have verification or witnesses this could be a problem ... c
  5. Woody82986

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    I had a guy that hired me because I was a one man show and didn't have a crew working with me. Well, this year he sent me only part payment of his May bill saying "my crew" didn't mow on the date he specified and that as a business owner I should wacth my crew more carefully and he wanted proof that my men had mowed.. I simply sent the bill back with his check, told him I wanted payment in full and that I knew "my crew" mowed his lawn because I am "my crew". I even gave him a photocopy of my routing times for that day to show him exactly when I was on his property and when I left. Within 3 days I had a check mailed to me with the full amount but i dropped him in the letter I sent him. The point is, if you say you mowed it, and truly did mow it, tell her. Ask her why she thinks you didn't come by and service her property. If she gets persistent, start mentioning your lawyer and a court date... that will normally get the old checkbook warm.
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    I had this happen also for a cut in June. This customer of mine stated that I did not mow. She stated that on her regular cut day she had noticed her lawn had not been cut. I explained to here that I am consistant on my cut days but if there is rain it may have been the next. I honestly could not remember if it rained that day I even tried to look up the past weather. Anyway she sent payment for June minus that one day stating "Please show verification that you mowed." What really bothers me about this is that I have been servicing her for the past 4 years and have never missed her once and she knows that. How will I handle this. Well next year I am reducing to a part time operation only (tried it fulltime this year excellent customer retention but terrible new sales, time to move on) anyway I will drop her next year. This is not the only reason for me to drop her she has been a PITA in the past but just minor stuff that was easy to resolve or take care of but not paying for service is the last straw. If it was not for needing the money this year I would have already dropped her.
  7. bushtrimmer

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    We have downloadable gps units on all our trucks. Might have cost us about a grand to get setup up with 4 or 5 trucks, then we've added as we get more trucks. We do a lot of T&M jobs and the gps tells us exactly when we were at the job. Especially helpful when doing snow removal and really don't have time to write too much info down.
    The units need to be downloaded about every other week and show addresses where the truck stopped, for how long, how fast between stops, will even map out the route taken between jobs.
    We have had customers tell us we weren't there because "they were home all day." I have sent a copy of the gps printout that shows the truck parked at there house for the time it takes to cut their yard. Usually I can just verbally tell them, but we have always gotten paid in disputes.
  8. Tadams

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    I always leave a small invoice that is hand written at each yard every time that we mow them. At the end of the month I send or leave them an invoice from the computer than has everything itemized out. The small invoices have duplicates so there have never been any problems for us. This might be something to look in to. It takes less than a minute to write it out and leave it in their mailbox.
  9. TheKingNJ

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    i'm waiting for some of those phone calls this week. I have mowed some lawns that there was little growth and i could barly tell they were cut.
  10. topsites

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    Well man, if I had to give one my 4-year customers a free grass cut over an issue like this, I wouldn't think twice about it - wouldn't bother me one bit to mark this one as paid and give her the benefit of the doubt - life goes on. Now every one my 4-year customers is really fine, I didn't keep any pitas for that long, I can't, it pisses me off too much.

    If this happens to me with a pita, that's the greatest excuse to get rid of them right then and there based on the No check - No cut policy. Hey they got their free grass cut, what else do they want? Just let it go and then when they start to call, don't answer the phone and lalala ...

    Now a new customer pulls that one on me OR a long-term customer gets into a HABIT of doing this on a regular basis then it's a different story, but one measly cut in 4 years... nothing but a thing, no big deal.

    For a non-pita I say give her the cut and see what happens, keep an open mind and play kinda dumb about it, my favorite is to say I can't really remember the whole thing and just get on with life.

    far as pitas, sorry, pitas don't last very long with me, certainly nowhere near 4 years... I think a little over a year is the most I can take and even then it irks me that I didn't get rid of them sooner.

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