Customer says my price was beat by $2500 dollars!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by l3en007, Apr 22, 2009.

  1. l3en007

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    told me today my price was beat by $2500.00! Am I way off?!?!?!?!? Or are these guys out there working for nothing?! My proposal consisted of this:

    a)Removal of 5 grasses in back and two
    arborvitae's. b)Prune back all plant material as
    discussed c) prep all beds for mulch, including
    weeding and redefining edge 1-2 inches d)
    removal of exisiting sod e)form two new beds
    around trees out front on island
    Apply one ton of screened topsoil to area where
    sod will be applied and sod installed(450 sq. ft.)
    Apply 3.5 yards of black died mulch through out
    property along with ornamental fertilizer and snap
    shot(weed preventer)
    “Gem” Magnolia (6-7’ tall)planted where
    Irrigation turn on and blow out for the season $150.00
    Lawn cut every 7-10 days from May 1st to
    November 14th through November 14th
    Each chemical application price (chemical
    schedule sheet attached)
    Round up(weed killer) sprayed throughout
    property(pavers, curbs,etc. Also, beds weeded
    1-2 times a month for the season

    total price $5387.45
  2. S&MLL

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  3. l3en007

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  4. EagleLandscape

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    thats pricey. your soil and mulch prices are way off.

    i wouldnt have beat that by 2500, but sure would have come in lower than that.
  5. White Gardens

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    I agree too.

    The only problem with agreeing is that we don't know your actual prices for your materials, cost of living, overhead, etc....
  6. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    they all seem okay to me except "a" but you didn't say how big the beds are or how much pruning there is. It would have to be pretty big to get to 2160
  7. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    on the other hand, the other guy is way low.
  8. shovelracer

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    I dont think your price is very far off except for the glyso and prep. Since the prep is 90% labor you are talking about a lot of hours for that price. Given the other quantities I dont see how that is possible unless the place hasnt been lived in for years and is grossly overgrown. If you are already there for maintenance than roundup should go around 20-30 / gallon applied. A gallon goes pretty far if you are only spraying cracks.
  9. PerfectEarth

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    That looks like a bid I'd turn in....except for the chemical prices- those seem a bit high! Mulch per yard might be a bit high at 375, but Snapshot is costly... Topsoil charge is too high as well. Probably would have beat you on the bid, but you're not too far off.
  10. l3en007

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    Based it on 3 days of labor. Should of done two. Thank god i posted this message because I just realized a typo in my My "price per application" says $325.00 and its suppose to be $32.50:hammerhead: I just emailed the customer to inform her!

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