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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by springbokker, Mar 16, 2004.

  1. springbokker

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    Hello fellow greenfingers,

    My company in SC uses a very old business cliche' in that we guarantee the highest level of customer service in the state. We back this claim up by itemizing what we mean by "best service"
    eg returning all calls within two hours, flexibility in our scheduling, being on time for every meeting, etc...
    It is working for us and we are even starting to see referals based on our service commitments.

    Problem is: To find subcontractors to work with us has been a pain. My calls to (potential future) subcontractors are usually returned after two days or so - if at all. This does not fit into the realm of service standards that we have created. No matter how good someones work is, they need to be able to deliver excellent service levels too.

    Any ideas/referals in Charleston SC for an irrigation expert, tree expert, chemical application expert?

    Thanks, Clint Weimann
  2. T Edwards

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    Hi, Clint.

    I feel your pain. We've had the same problems here in Columbia. Unfortunately, we no longer give customer's referrals because we have been stood-up too many times and it comes back as a bad reflection on us. I just have to tell the customer "I'm sorry, but I don't know of anyone that I can recommend." It's a sad state of business, isn't it?
  3. promower

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    Get in touch with new LCO companies. These people are generally always looking for work let them know if things work out that you will use thier company often when needed. They may see you as potential for a lot of work and will keep you as a priority.
  4. Fantasy Lawns

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    What kind of work are you subbing out ??

    Fore me it took years to find the best sub contractor

    Those I use .... all have been in business much longer than even me .... fore me this is tree & pest ...... on large mulch jobs (+30 yards) I sub out to a newer guy but only to this area
  5. springbokker

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    I need a tree guy (cert. arborist) and an irrigation person. Also, we've decided to discontinue our fung./pest management and look for someone to do this for us too. Great work alone won't do. I need someone who looks like a pro too - co. shirt etc - and also is punctual. Returning calls and punctuality are something that I make sure are never compromised within our co. and so it's important that I only deal with folks who can handle that consistently. Tall order, but perseverence usually pays off in the end.
    Thanks for your response, Clint

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