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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lawnservice, Feb 21, 2008.

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    I hear ya, and that is VERY TRUE....but I also have their seeder and aerator.

    Again, just like buying fert or whatever else.... I think it comes back to building relationships!
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    LIKE I ALREADY SAID...tturfco is the cats meow, nice equipment, well built and built to last...thats why i purchase their equipment.

    I NEVER ASKED THEM to come VISIT ME. PERIOD ,NEVER ASKED! I purchased two turn air aerators over the phone. THEY were great, took my oder, took my credit card # and sent out the machines (of course I paid the shipping cost). This was shortly after I visited with them at a Boston trade show a few years ago (A FEW YEARS AGO, MY GOD GIVE IT UP ALREADY...I AINT THE ONE COMPLAINING...shesh) This Boston show is generally held in FEB (New England Grows) I'm guessing (CUZ ITS BEEN SO FREAKIN LONG AGO) that we got delivery in March? YES, they have a return policy, i thinks it is 14 days...maybe its 30 days I dont really know for sure....WE DONT AERATE until late summer thru the fall. SO THE MACHINES I ORDERED SAT IN THE CORNER FOR SEVERAL MONTHS. When we took them out (if you have seen their flyers or website there is a small blonde haired girl with a ponytail and short shorts operating the machine standing on the sulkie that you can get with it...we didnt gewt the sulki) they do not turn very easily. IN FACT we must man-handle them to take the turn (IF have talked with outhers in our industry that have or at least had the same comments)
    The following winter I was back in Boston for the trade show....I stopped at their booth and commented on this situation. THEY said they would have someone call me...and they did, Tim called. Tim offered to come out I NEVER ASKED. Tim made an appointment with me. he called me the day of the appopintment and said he wasnt coming (at fisrt he told me it was besaise logan airport in Boston was closed due to weather...that was FALSE. Later, like a month or 2 he called again this time stating he had another visit that cancelled him so he cancelled me. WTF???? But he did offer to come it was June, maybe July. I said no thanks...we're busy now but an off season visit would be appreciated. Tim called again in Sept (i think it HAS BEEN A LONG TIME) I again said no thanks, we're busy (i didnt need tim to come out HE OFFERED) NEVER HEARD FROM HIM AGAIN till a couple of weeks back when I emailed turfco to make an inquiery about a certain piece of equipment that I WANTED TO PURCHASE. They never answered my email and no phone call and no postcard....nothin!
    So i came to lawnsite (knowing darn well turfco is a sponsor and monitors this site) I made mention that it sucks that my email wasnt answered.....blah bla blah, do a search the post title was -turfco???-
    THATS WHEN TURCO brought up this ANCIENCT FREAKIN HISTORY about the aerators....keep in mind I purchased another piece of equipment last year, even after buying the aerators.
    DO I WANT/EXPECT A VISIT from turfco? HECK NO!!! (well yes when i was firsted called, not now)


    there are many turfco cheerleaders in the crowd. THATS GREAT
    me? they seem to let me fall thru there cracks (still never got a replay to an email sent in Jan) SO, I AINT NO TURFCO CHEERLEADER. So what????
    They are still in am I
    the earth still revolves around the sun
    the sun will come out tomorrow, you cant bet your bottom dollar....

    I know Lawnservice. We worked together seems like a life time ago at chemlawn. I see him at least once a year at some seminar or trade show. He started this thread about customer service not me.
    PS...yeah if Tim called me out of the blue and invited me for lunch I'd think he and turfco were # freakin 1 as you do.
    I dont get those calls....i dojnt think they are #1....WHY IS THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND????

    I'm reminded why I stay away from this site
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    Can we say.....OVER REACT
    Let it out man!!!!!!
  4. TSM

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    some people like strawberry icecream

    i dont

    so what????????

    i answered your questions hopfully in a manner you will understand
    I answered the same questions a few weeks ago. the whole freakin subject bores me to death already

    At this point I'll never spend my money on a turfco product who gives a rats behind?
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    I dont start many threads :rolleyes:

    kinda sorry I started this one :dizzy:

    hopefully no one else will respond to it and it will end up on page 3 real quick or maybe it will just be deleted? :confused:
  6. rcreech

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    Sorry to push your buttons!

    I wasn't trying to at all.

    I was just trying to state two things.

    1) Not all customers are "worth" the customer service (not saying you).

    2) You can't make EVERY customer happy. Exampl: I love CHEVY....and a lot of my friends HATE them.
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    rcreech have made yourself perfectly clear

    tsm have made yourself perfectly clear

    turfcobob have made yourself perfectly clear

    seeing as how I started the thread i feel that I should get the LAST WORD

    all is clear...lets all move on
    (dont make me get the yard stick out of the closet to crack your knuckles with for not behaving)

    flying the truce flag

    fight the urge tsm and rcreech...seems you guys are very simular in wanting to get the last word. Lets let this one dissapear deep into the archives

    peace out
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    Hi lawnservice -- it was me (not one of my guys). After rereading what I posted, I apologize to you ..... because the language I used was too strong. I also see where you're coming from, and I appreciate your comments on other threads too. I guess what I meant was that when there's a problem with a certain company, it's usually the fault of just one employee. You're right -- I was bitching hard while trying to unload a semi on pure ice, but I have the utmost respect for truckers. Again, I'm sorry I came down so hard on you lawnservice. It was uncalled for. I'll now eat some crow. I hope you accept my apology. Sincerely, Larry.

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