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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brucec32, Apr 10, 2003.

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    Results of my most recent attempts at getting "customer service" from local and national lawn mower manufacturers, dealers

    1. Two seperate requests for information from Toros website. They promise an "8 working hours" response. No reply in the last week.

    2. Requested a 2003 Toro brochure in February. Still hasn't arrived. Emailed an online Toro dealer for price on a new 2003. He replied he doesn't know what that model number is, it's not on his sheet. Geez. I don't sell them and I know it.

    3. Went by one local Toro dealer. I had to explain the new 2003 changes to him. Turns out the "mower guy" was off that day. Ever hear of cross-training guys?

    4. Emailed Hustler AGAIN for a walk-behind brochure. No reply so far. They did send me a nice ZTR brochure though.

    5. Emailed two local Hustler dealers for a price or at least contact name on a walk-behind. One gave a curt, short reply after a month's wait with no salutation or closing or even a name in the reply. The other never replied at all. Why put the "ask us" link on the webpage if you don't want emails.

    6. There were other failures with other brands, but I'm tired of typing.

    All I can say is...NO WONDER Exmark outsells all the other brands. I can order parts online from my Exmark dealer, look up part numbers online, and they get back to me with requests and sponsor a forum here also. If they ever come up with a wb that doesn't require squeezing levers(hand problems) I'd buy it at $500 more than the competition.
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    Kind of funny that eXmark is owned by Toro...and BTW, how do you know that eXmark outsells all the other manufacturers? Or where you just told that...
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    Just went through the same type of ordeal with my local (and only one in the area) Great Dane Dealer. It always seems to take two acts of congress and an act of God to get even the most simple parts in a timely manner. My next ZTR I will definitely look for a dealer with good customer service.:mad:
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    I have had the same problem with Toro, I got a 455d groundsmaster in Januray. I requested a parts manual from them. Feb, went to my dealer and had them request it again.........still no book!!!!!

    It will be funny to see that since they just aquired exmark, if they start to implement this same customer service on that side of the fince.:angel:
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    I finally did get my Hustler walkbehind brochure today from my 2nd request. It is a well illustrated and informative brochure. The cover letter thanked me and told me to contact my nearest dealer for a demo. Unfortunately, it's the same dealer who ignored my emails and requests for a call to discuss demoing/buying one! It doesn't help that it's about as far away as you can get and still be in the metro Atlanta area, maybe a 1.5 hour drive.

    I'll keep my eye out after the season for a clean used one. I'm sure not buying a new one, just on general principle.

    As for Exmark, I just read somewhere that they were the top grosser, but I could be wrong. I know they sell the most ZTR's around here, for sure.

    Here's another one: I called a big local dealer at about 15 minutes before closing time one day, and got one of their parts guys for a few Echo parts. The unit, a PB 650, was still under warranty, but not having 6 hours to invest driving there and back to drop it off and there and back again to pick it up to get the simple repair done, I just ordered the parts so I could fix it myself. (nothing is "close by" in Atlanta traffic)

    I said hello and asked what his price was for the part I needed. His reply wasn't "hello" or "how can I help you" but an annoyed "You're not just shopping me, are you?". Apparently he was too lazy to type in a few keystrokes and look up a part number and price w/o being assured of a "sale".

    I replied that I wanted to buy the part, but I sure wasn't going to have him ship it to me w/o knowing what it cost. (turns out it was fairly high, $45). His next question was "have you bought anything from us? I felt like asking if that affected the price, but I explained to him that I have put in about half a dozen parts orders in the last year, just drove a $7200 Lazer Z off their lot, previously purchased an $1800 aerator, a $1000 dethatcher, and was shopping for walk behinds, so if he didn't mind, could he just get me the part.

    I'm beginning to think that some of the zeros who work in these places do so because they're interested in mowers, but are too stinking lazy to actually do much work with them. This experience was NOT untypical. Heck, I can't even get them to look up prices on $5000 mowers for me. I wonder if the owners of these places know how much business some of their "cheap" labor is running off for them.
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    I hear ya buddy!!! Sounds like things are the same in Atlanta as they are here in Central Florida. My last mower purchase was from a dealer that was about 30 minutes away and cost me aprox $500 more than I could have gotten an equivalent mower locally. I just got tired being treated like Schmidt at the 2 local dealers that are 10 minutes from my home. And guess what? My next mower purchase may be from a dealer that's an hour away!!! LOL If I keep this up I'll be shopping in your neighborhood!

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