Customer stealing my lawns

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Rockchoplawn, May 16, 2018.

  1. weeze

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    :laugh: yeah. at first i said charge $15 for each yard and steal them back and then once that guy loses interest raise them all back to the original price.
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  2. Green Insurance Guy

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    I heard a funny story once, many of you have probably heard it as well!

    A successful barber had a competitor open a shop across the street and touted $5.00 haircuts for all!! In no time flat...the new barber was busy! One of the successful barber's longtime clients asked, "Aren't you worried you'll be out of business??" No was his reply! The successful barber was experienced and knew what to expect! After about two weeks there was a buzz (not the clippers!)...the successful barber posted a sign on his storefront "We fix $5.00 haircuts"!

    Just my 2 cents: There's an obvious difference between an amateur & a Professional, no matter the industry! If these are good customers you'd like to continue doing business with; tell them you understand they're decision and that you'll stay in-touch in the event something changes. Send a simple note card and thank the time they were your customers. Then make a follow up phone call to see how they're liking the service. The results could surprise you...
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  3. Miller5862

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    He wont get in trouble if you report him for cutting his neighbors lawns even for money....

    There is nothing wrong with a timecutter. Hes only proving that. I mean it sucks he stole your clients but timecutter aside from striping well didnt do anything.
  4. grassmonkey0311

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    Who cares. Let it go. Go get a few more customers. In a year or so, he'll realize it's not worth it and more than likely quit. Hopefully those same customers will think of you.

    Also, why not help him out? Refer a few bad customers his way.....slow payers, locked fence problems, constant complainers...let him really experience the fruits of his labor!!!
  5. wishfull

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    I understand your frustration. When we first started doing lawns over 35 years ago it was all residential complete with the royal run around. Stories like, my neighbor said he'd do it for half or your competitor said he'd do it 25% less than you but we really like your work so if you could drop your rate to less than him we'll keep you on. We went 99.99% commercial and in our area, at least, we have little to no problems with customers. Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it but yah keep an eye on him none the less. People with no licenses or insurance irk me.
  6. Rockchoplawn

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    Update: The neighbor has ruined his timecutter by running over a manhole. His replacement warranty (somehow he gets one?) won’t be back for another 6 weeks. I picked up all of the customers he stole, and he is stuck push mowing his own lawn until then. I declined his request to take over for him in the mean time.
  7. Miller5862

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    Was the manhole uncovered? Or the deck catch on it? Howed he ruin it on the manhole?
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  8. 97BlackDiesel

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    Ahahaha. I love it.
  9. smallyardman

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    better things to worry about.
  10. Matthews Lawn Care

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    Instant Karma. Wave and smile everytime you see him.

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