customer thinks grass is not growing

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bnb lawns, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. bnb lawns

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    OK so i have a customer who calls up and says to skip her this week because her grass did not grow. lawn is 100% bermuda and growing like crazy have been mowing every-week since April and this request came in the 3rd week of august. next week i go to mow and have to mow the lawn 3 times to get it right. will probably loose her and the neighbor when i show her the extra charge for their stupidity. cant work for free. how would you deal with this customer never had this issue before. by the way this is in south Alabama. normally cut until December 1st
  2. ReddensLawnCare

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    Your in the wrong for doing extra work without their consent. You should have convinced them that it needed to be cut
  3. Joel D

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    This is why I give everyone a service agreement before I start on their property. I have a part in there that says if they want me to skip they will be charged accordingly for any extra work that results from skipping a mow.
  4. bnb lawns

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    good point reddens after the fact i found out they have been on vacation and this was handeled over cell phone msgs. i tried to call back but never got a answer and assumed the best lesson learned
  5. herler

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    I raised my cut height, how I deal with it, granted now some customers can't tolerate how tall it gets between cuts but you know what, I done been dealt with that stupid headache one too many times and I'm a one way kind of guy, it's either one way or the other and I'm done switching back and forth and trying to remember who is who and what is what, one cut height suits all and done, matter of fact now I don't think I have any weekly customers, suits me just fine, life should be that simple.
  6. MOturkey

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    Personally, I think the way one should handle this is to mow it once, leaving it looking like crap, and say nothing. When the customer complains, tell them that is what happens when you skip a mowing during heavy growth.

    In reality though, it is difficult for me to leave a mess, so I'd probably end up making it look as good as possible, and not charge any extra money. This time. If it happens again, you can address it then.
  7. Caddyshack Lawn Care

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    It's amazing how much we think alike.
  8. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Don't tolerate skips during regular growth/high growth times. If they want you to skip a cut, tell them they are fired you will find someone else that will work within the bounds of your mutually agreed-upon agreement.
  9. Chuck Norris

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    Do you happen to have a copy that you might be able to share?
  10. Joel D

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    Sure. This does not have my header or company name on it or any specific rates that I may charge.

    Scope of Work
    Services included for regular maintenance during growing season are as follows:
    • Mow turf areas.
    • Trim around obstacles on property
    • Edge curbs and sidewalks of maintained areas every mowing.
    • Blow curbs, sidewalks, and deck/porch.

    Services to be performed during non-growing season
    • Blow leaves onto main area of the property.
    • Mulch leaves with mower (mulch kit installed on mower) or blow leaves to curb or collect and remove from property (additional charge).

    Services that can be performed on an as-needed basis for an additional charge are as follows:
    • Trim hedges throughout the property; clean-up and dispose of trimmings.
    • Prune low height branches.
    • Apply mulch or pine straw to designated areas around property.
    • Property clean-up (I.E. pickup sticks or debris).

    Agreement Terms
    • Each mow will cost $__________.
    • Mows will be performed on a specified day each week (or every other week) unless weather, mechanical, or medical issues occur.
    • If every other week mowing option is selected there shall not be more than 3 inches of growth since last mow.
    • If the turf growth exceeds 3 inches there will be an additional $--------- due to extra wear and tear on equipment and extra time needed to complete the job.
    • The turf will not be cut any lower than 3.5 inches unless otherwise recommended due to turf type.
    • Pet waste must be removed prior to pre-determined visit date.
    • All invoices will be emailed to a specified email address at the beginning of each month for the previous month’s services.
    • An additional fee may apply for the first mow in order to meet the expectations and standards of (Company name). (for example, if lawn is severely overgrown, or edging requiring additional labor/time).

    (Company name) is a licensed and insured business that takes great pride in professionalism and customer satisfaction. All work will be completed by using well-maintained commercial grade equipment for best results. All safety precautions will be taken to avoid damage to any person(s) or property.

    *Note- The price given is for pre-specified work and terms. Any extra labor and material will result in an additional charge to be paid in full by the client during the next billing cycle.

    Contractor Signature _________________ Date ____________

    Client Signature ______________________ Date ____________

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