Customer thinks we scratched her car

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by spitfire3416, Aug 18, 2019.

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    There was a scam going here in Raleigh, where a couple of people with old beaters were calling lco's to say that their crew shot a rock and dented the car.

    They would have the time and location correct ( how hard is it to find a mowing crew around here?) and would offer to accept cash in lieu of making a report and filing with insurance.

    I don't know how they made out, but it was in the news a couple of summers ago.
  2. sjessen

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    Good reason not to have phone number on the truck!!;)

    I know, in many areas it is required.
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  3. paulsgrass

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    There is now reason for debris to be aimed at a vehicle.
  4. TPendagast

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    Weed whackers don’t eat through sched 40 accidentally?
    Is it white or gray pvc?
    If it’s white ; and it’s exposed to the sun
    1) it’s a piss poor install
    2) white PVC breaks down in sunlight and becomes brittle - once that happens , eventually anything can break it, including the water pressure itself.
    3) if the white pvc is exposed now it will happen again
    4) if the white pvc is exposed and the irrigation guy doesn’t know why it broke and doesn’t know not to do it again ; he’s either lying to avoid responsibility of being a tool , or he legitimately doesn’t know any better - either way he needs to get a different irrigation guy
    5) take a piece of new schedule 40 pvc and hold it there while your guy weed whacks at it
    Let me know how long it takes to cut through it ...I’ll be waiting
    Once you see it for yourself, show it to your customer
    No amount if casual weed whacking will eat through that pvc — now if it’s brittle from uv exposure I might be able to piss on it and break it.

    This is a video of corrugated pipe (thinned wall than pvc) which is commonly use as shown in the video to prevent weed whacker damage to trees... so if THIS deflects your trimmer.... ummm case closed.

  5. That Guy Gary

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    Oh really? Here we've been doing it wrong all along! We thought it was a game and have been aiming at vehicles for the shoots and giggles!

    Wait til I get to the shop in the morning and let the guys know we should stop.

  6. JMK26

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    It's not clear at all if they did it or not. Noticing a scratch a few days later doesn't mean they didn't do it. There are scratches that I haven't noticed on my truck the day they happened. Doesn't mean the person that scratched it didn't do it.

    This is why the OP should have gone to the property to look at the scratch and take pictures before he posted on here. Then the post would be pics of the scratch and he could ask "Could a piece of equipment cause this type of scratch in this area of a vehicle?" ....

    "Lady accusing us of scratching a vehicle what's your thoughts?" Well...there's nothing in that type of description to actually help the OP honestly.
  7. TPendagast

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    And this is what I’ve been saying this whole thread
    “Three days later”
    “Vehicle in use”
    Parked and driven in a myriad of places
    “Scratched in a strange place”

    None of that eludes to “the weed whacker or blower has obviously done it”

    Now if they called up and said “there’s red paint transfer in the lower quarter panel of my car I just noticed this week” and I’m running ex marks...
    I might be curious to take a look
    Bring my mower over and see if there’s a possible way that it matches up (still could be a car door or something else)
    9-10 times when I hear the “right description” I can match up a piece of equipment directly to the mark.

    But a scratch I noticed three days of driving after you mowed my lawn?

    It’s been larked the whole time while I was on vacation?
    But there could have been other activity since you been on vacation (delivery? Visitors? Door to door solicitors)
    True story - crew supposedly backed over the well head at a customer because they were the only ones there...
    Well except for some missionaries who went door to door and backed into it.
    You never know who comes down your driveway uninvited.
    Those ring door bell cameras show the oddest things.
    They should have their own you tube section.
  8. paulsgrass

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    Had some one post their car had grass, twigs, debris all over their vehicle from who ever had cut the grass in a parking lot. They sent me a picture of a row of cars in a parking lot with grass, twigs , debris all over the place. In case you think you are smart ass its not working.
  9. That Guy Gary

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    Oh I'm a smartass, no doubt about it. I'm not sure what you mean by that though, what do you think I'm trying to accomplish?

    It seemed to me that you jumped to conclusions that weren't warranted though based on my comment, assuming we don't train our guys how to act responsibly.

    His car was pitted from sand and gravel that's dumped on the roads here all the time. I never saw any evidence of debris from trimming hitting his car and it was addressed with the employees when he first complained, just in case.

    The dude was just a hustler looking for a free paint job. Just because a resident made a complaint at one of our apt complexes it doesn't mean our guys are negligent.
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  10. guitarman2420

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    I think it revolves around your client. You know who your reasonable and honest clients are and who aren't. If the client is some one who is always complaining or making allegations, then drop them. If it is a client that is normally honest and trustworthy, then by all means try and placate them and come up with a responsible compromise.

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