customer want is cut lower

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by glenjr10, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. glenjr10

    glenjr10 LawnSite Member
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    I went to cut one of my customer's lawn, and she came out to ask me to do some things. One of her requests were to cut it shorter, so that it would look even with her neighbors yard who will be cut on Saturday. I did as she asked, but found that odd. I wondered if yall change your height of cut, or just make the customer accept the height that it is cut at?
  2. awm

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    heck yea ,cut it how she wants it. but warn her ahead of time it mite look crummy its on her,even tho she wont accept responcibility. itll be your fault.just the nature of the buisiness.
  3. People ask, “So what’s it like being your own boss?”

    I laugh, “My own boss? Shoot, now I have 73 bosses. The only luxury, is that that I get to choose everyone of them.”

    You just heard from your boss. Ignore it or contend with them and you risk getting transferred to the “alternative career enhancement program.”

    You can point out that the grass may actually grow faster if you cut it shorter. Or that its hard on grass when the heat of summer comes and the plants have spent their time growing leaves instead of roots. But you HAVE to word it in such a way that you’re making a professional suggestion and not fighting with them.
  4. Clay

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    Sorry, only one chef in my kitchen! :)
  5. bob

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    I had an older customer whose lawn I was cutiing at 3.5". She ask me to cut it lower, so I cut it at 3". That still wasn't low enough for her, so I cut it at 2.5" and left a big mess. I did this for about 3 weeks , and she then accused me of scalping her lawn an denied ever requesting the lawn to be cut at a lower setting. I'm glad I got rid of her.
  6. mike9497

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    3 inches and no lower
  7. jeff_0

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    my mowers are set at 2.5 and i've never had any complains.. one person did want it a inch lower last season...
  8. glenjr10

    glenjr10 LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the replys

    i cut it last week at 2", and that was too high.

    I dropped the front end of my deck down to 1.5 ", and left the back end the same. i will see what she thought of.

    i was wondering if you would cut it again at that same height, and then go back to the normal setting that i use?
  9. turfcare

    turfcare LawnSite Senior Member
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    I get that constantly here! Most want theirs cut at 2.5. Some even want theirs cut at 2.0! Crazy! I cut mine at 3.75 to 4.0.
  10. Gravely_Man

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    I explain to the customer the many reasons for not cutting below 3.0 inches. I will not go lower then that.


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