Customer wanting Lawn Cut at 1.5

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by longislandlawn, Sep 28, 2013.

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    The OP is from Long Island. Yes that's some pretty grass grown in a garden setting not somebodies yard. I lived in niagara falls you see a lot of it. Its a horticutural garden not a yard. It didn't get that flat naturally. That grass is tended to daily.
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  2. BlazersandWildcats2009

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    Maybe there is a misunderstanding. I can't comment on where the person is at, because I've never heard of his location, nor can I comment on the type of grass he is insisting that he is hacking by cutting to 1.5", because he didn't list it. I was just making a point that it doesn't make sense for a company to come online and insult a customer behind their back, without even making any sense themselves. That's not proper ethics, especially one that pays your pay check.
    I was just showing the grass as an example of a common grass that does not like to be mowed up to three inches to validate my statements earlier. It is currently what I have in my lawn. My whole point of the post is just as someone told you earlier, make the customer happy, help them, or move on. Don't insult them online. That's bad business.
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    I mow one under 2'' and I still mow it each week They want short so they can play golf on it Been mowing this lawn for 5 years this way
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    I agree with blazers. But my next question is: Is the lawn treated? Is there a good stand of turf that stands to be ruined? If not, if its all junk, go ahead and mow it low. But 1.5 on most of my lawns would scalp alot of the high areas and would be detrimental to my mower....
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  5. foreplease

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    None. That's why I (and I must suppose others) have givinen you a pass thus far.

    It's nice you got some help on this board with your lawn project. It looks nice. However, you are over your head with regard to dispensing regurgitated advice. It is painfully obvious to the most casual observer.

    The OP did not insult, demoralize, brag, or criticize. He said he did explain the risks to the customer. He also said the change being requested was from a season-long 3" to 1 1/2" in one cut (not 1").

    Your consistently poorly written posts could be due in part to autocorrect and other quirks of posting from various devices - I sometimes have trouble with that. The fact is, though, you are not a careful reader and it leads to some near silly responses.

    Call me crazy, but if someone uses "longislandlawn" as their screen name, I figure off the top of my head they may be from eastern New York. He has a mowing service, that much we know, but nothing points to hi, being a landscaper or in any way responsible for the health of the lawn. His concern for the health of the lawn brought him here to post a genuine question of others who have likely dealt with this problem before. The customer was not identified, shamed or anything like that
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    Man, if I could find a lawn as flat as that photo, I'd pay THEM to mow it.

    Not everyone deals with the same types of lawns. Around here even a push mower would scalp the high spots when cut that low. A walk behind, or ZTR wouldn't just scalp - it would EXCAVATE. LOL

    I gut most at 3". A few I drop lower. Depends on the lawn, terrain, grass, etc.
    "Cut it shorter next time" generally equates to a cheap customer who thinks it will "last longer" between cuts. There's a 99.9% chance that this is the reason they want it cut that short.
  7. Amen and Amen
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    do you also tell your surgeon how to cut and make the incision???
  9. echo

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    Its just grass. Its just cutting grass how they want it. Not surgery or rocket science. If its worth the money, get paid and go to the next one.
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    Sure and if its cut too short and fried, then what? Now you have a customer that doesn't need you anymore. A good customer costs a lot of money to get and takes work to keep. I'm just not following this logic of do what you know is wrong because the customer says so. A true professional will say hang on now let's talk about this for a minute. All my customers pay me to make their lawns look its best. From knowing what kind of turf they have and the proper height to maintain it to water and fertilizing needs. There is a huge difference between a grass cutter, a lawncare specialist and a landscaper. The vast majority of calls I receive are from customers that don't know what they are doing and are seeking professional assistance. I would love for every yard to be that smooth, lush emerald slab i could cut at .75 to 1.5 inches with a reel mower. That's borderline art. Reality is yards are seldom flat with multiple high and low spots, roots, rocks, shade and all other manner of the things not conducive to growing great grass. Then throw in weeds, disease and the inevitable mixed turf lawns. It might surprise a few that there are more than a couple LS members with degrees in Hort and even more that got their start as supers on golf courses. It may not be rocket science, but it most certainly is a science.
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