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Customer wanting Lawn Cut at 1.5

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by longislandlawn, Sep 28, 2013.

  1. BlazersandWildcats2009

    BlazersandWildcats2009 LawnSite Member
    from Houston
    Messages: 197

    I'll let you know how things go in the next year when my doors are open after school. :weightlifter:
  2. So you have no real world experience but you know it all...got it.
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  3. foreplease

    foreplease LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,062

    This is something I built at my home in 1992 and maintained for 17 years. Due to a back injury, I needed help resurfacing it (from seed) in 2004. I took it out Spring 2010. Having been unable to play golf since September 2001, it just got to be a chore taking care of it. There is just over 5' of elevation change from its lowest to its highest part. It is quite undulating. While not flat, there were several flat planes. It was built as a practice facility mimicking 3 different periods of golf course architecture - it would be unusual to find something like this on a golf course.

    bunker May 19 04_low res.jpg

    My general maintenance height of cut ranged from 0.130" - 0.135." For rare special occasions I would take it a hair under 0.125" It got cut at least 6 days a week. Most of the time I would skip 1 day, cut it 5 days, and double cut it 1 day.

    The fringe/practice fairway area was cut three times a week at 0.385"

    This, as everyone but one person here knows, cannot be done with a rotary mower, can't be done suddenly or arbitrarily, and certainly cannot be done with any of the typical lawn grasses that also have the ability to survive at 3" IF the fringe/practice fairway section of this ever got as high as 1/2" it would take me 7-10 days to work it back down to its normal height.

    bunker May 19 04_low res.jpg
  4. BlazersandWildcats2009

    BlazersandWildcats2009 LawnSite Member
    from Houston
    Messages: 197

    Looks very good indeed. But I'm sure we all agree on the fact and understand we wouldn't touch something at an 1" with a rotary mower.
  5. greendoctor

    greendoctor LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 10,000

    There are also some grasses that are not adapted at all to a HOC less than 2". I see it done and get asked to save the lawn because weeds are invading and/or desired species is rapidly declining. Never would I suggest that St Augustine or Tall fescue get a low mowing unless the objective is removal of those grasses from the lawn.
  6. BlazersandWildcats2009

    BlazersandWildcats2009 LawnSite Member
    from Houston
    Messages: 197

    You stand correct. Only 6-years of mowing in a criminal justice institution working from sun-up to sun-down for a warden and the state at no extra cost, besides three hots and a cot. I was only allowed to read books on lawns and soil structures from inside a cell 24/hours a day while putting about 15,000 hours behind the wardens equipment. All while earning a few degrees and several other trades. It doesn't take rocket science to get behind equipment, it don't take rocket science for someone to know not to cut a lawn at 1" without a reel, and it doesn't take rocket science to know how to make customers happy. You might have a hard time believing this, but I had a cell mate that I worked with for three years that had a murder charge, but on the other hand could break down soil structures down all the way from the texture to the property of oxides, down to aggregation, and root properties.

    If you wanted me to be honest with you, since discovering this forum. I've been able to learn, soak in, and discover a whole new outlook to another side of the business. I can indeed tell you, I've seen many members here such as Smallaxe, Agrostics, Riggle, Dave, and several others that know, understand, and appreciate the value of our soils and grasses throughout Northern America. But since joining this forum, I've also seen many members that could take in some good education on how to run a business. Not to say this persons way's wrong, this person's way is right, but learning business ethics, customer service, and business operation management would make some here some real contenders in the market.

    I don't come here to flame, roast, or question anyone. I came to this forum because I have a passion for grass, not a passion for wasting my time. I already don't have enough hours in the sunlight. And I can assure you I definitely don't/won't/wouldn't have enough time to come to a public forum and criticize someone who put's money in my wallet. Some leads me to believe that the original poster came to the forum thinking that he was roasting a customer, not realizing the fact that there's many types of grass strands that enjoy being cut far below 1.5", especially the particular grass that sets on my lawn.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2013
  7. GMLC

    GMLC LawnSite Platinum Member
    Messages: 4,345

    This subject comes up a lot on LS. Its all about communication with your customer. Its not about who's right or wrong, its all about the health of the turf. My customers know from the begining that the only thing that determines cut height is the type of turf, the health of the turf and the lay of the land.
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  8. Patriot Services

    Patriot Services LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,359

    That's a real impressive resume you have there. I am sure the prison grounds had nothing but the finest turf growing on them. You have certainly spent enough time here being the minority on a factual based discussion. You also mention teaching classes? What school hires a convicted felon? I still don't know why you are here. You don't own an LCO or even work for one. There is a homeowner section, but you already profess to know more than everybody else on here. You have this notion that customers come here looking to see if their LCO is flaming them. This is a forum for us to share advice, opinion and humor. Most of us don't put our company names on here because this is not meant as an advertising site.
  9. Patriot Services

    Patriot Services LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 14,359


    I tried to find a pop up book for you. This is geared more towards homeowner questions so you should be able to follow along. Notice the only grasses below 2" are southern types. Types you wont find in Long Island or even much farther north than the Carolinas.
  10. PenningsLandscaping

    PenningsLandscaping LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,853

    Just to chime in on this, you're assuming that this lawn has a sprinkler system, is being watered rigorously by the homeowner, or we're getting 3 or so inches of rain per week with mild temperatures, and that the lawn is on a regular fertilization schedule applied by a seasoned trained professional, not an idiot at True Brown. Cutting cool season grasses at this height without a controlled environment, will absolutely kill the grass and turn a lawn into a weed farm.

    Golf courses are meticulously maintained. Proper fertilization, overseeding, aerations, special dwarf strains of grass, and constant mowing while being properly watered by a massive sprinkler system. These properties are maintained DAILY by licensed professionals. And yes, they will brown out if even the SLIGHTEST thing goes wrong. Hurricane Irene totalled a golf course near my hometown, by it being underwater for four days. Killed everything.


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