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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by SERRICO, Jul 19, 2004.


    SERRICO LawnSite Member
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    One of my customer drop me this saturday.
    Why? He was talking to one of the neighbor whom supposely getting lawn service with golf course green mower.
    Green mower, I know it cuts as short as 1/16 height and a lot of the green use bentgrass not burmuda grass.
    Well, is anyone use such mower for residential yards? I know toro makes one but how much is it and is it worth to look into.
    I just need some comments.
  2. MOJO111

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    Unless your doing a golf course no point in one. stones and crap. lumps and bumps no good for a green mower. Price??? tooooo much.
  3. Runner

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    Don't sweat it. To your customer, it's just the "novelty" of the thing, because it's different. The practicality of it is not even applicable. I don't know what kind of grass you're cutting, but for most cultivars, unless it's mowed daily, rotary mowers work best - especially at adequate heights that most cultivars require.
  4. TClawn

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    sorry, I double posted for some reason.
  5. TClawn

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    yup, you've got to mow the lawn every other day for it to look any good with a greens mower.
  6. Doster's L & L

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    How long has his neighbor been having his lawn serviced with a greens mower? If it's his first year of doing this with his lawn, he can expect ALOT of problems with fungus and other diseases in his lawn. Plus he has to have his lawn cut every day or atleast every other day! I agree with the idea that this is a novelty to your former client. I bet you'll have him back before too long unless he is an avid golfer AND makes lots and lots of money. I bet that paying to have his lawn mowed for $20K per year will get old not to mention fertilize, weed control and fungus control. I think you'll get this client back in the near future.

    BTW these greens mowers will run about 30K and that's a small mower too. They're a pain as well taking the reel to a specialty shop to have them sharpened! I wouldn't sweat it, man! Keep doin' what you're doin'.
  7. txlawnking

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    Serrico, If and when he comes back after the "expert greens keeper" turns his entire lawn brown by scalping it.. Charge him 1.5 times your orrigional price..LOL
  8. Mikes Lawn Landscape

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    There are a lot of factors involved to have a golf course lawn. Mr Greens Keeper better know what hes doing or he'll have a lotta pissed off customers
  9. Tharrell

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    All of the above and then some. I would really like to hear how this developes. It would be great if you could post some timeline pictures as time goes on. Some people just have their heads up their butts.
  10. What height of cut, and the type of grass?

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